Week 8 run 3 complete. Wow

If someone had told me back in September when I started this program how much I would enjoy running, I would have thought they were crazy. But I have 3 runs left before I graduate and honestly can't imagine not going for 3 runs a week now. I feel fitter, losing weight and have more self confidence.

Anyone just starting out, keep going you can do it too.

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  • I feel the same. It's a great program and great support on this forum too. Well done and good luck with week 9 :)

  • Thanks. Going to need it with it being Christmas week. But I'll be out there running.

  • Agree its like magic :)

  • Brilliant snickers. Enjoy that feeling and the final few runs.

  • It's a great feeling isn't it? Well done in getting this far and good luck with the rest of your runs

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