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So this morning I did W1R2. I slowed down my pace a little because I was still quite sore from last nights piloxing, but I made it anyway. The toughest part really was getting up because unfortunately it was raining quite a lot. However once I was outside it was great to feel cooling droplets on my forehead while running. :)

I may have the run bug already because this was my third run this week (I did a fun run 2 days ago too) and I just can't imagine how stupid excuses could have stopped me from running before!

Can't wait till next run, I'll update on that too. :p

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Well done for getting out there. I didn't like the idea much either, but once you're out, the rain is lovely and refreshing. Keep up the good work :)

Kayblue in reply to Treemouse

Thank you and I will. :)

Hard not to enjoy it. :) It was a great time and managed to do 5km in run walk intervals of 90 secs to 120 secs. :D

Hopefully haha, although it will be a challenge. I had a sneak peak at whats to come and some of the jumps in time running are frightening. :p


Well done! Please don't skip your rest days though. That's when your body repairs itself and skipping them leaves you more open to injury. It's a fabulous feeling thou, when you get out there

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