A hard Tuesday 5k, and a knee update

I wasn't sure if I should run today, after having knee pain after Sunday's run, but I couldn't help myself! To be fair, the knee felt a lot better, if slightly stiff, and I promised myself that at the first sign of trouble I'd cut the run short. I'd done some reading about other people's experiences and treatments, and I realise that my knee is something I'm going to have to manage. I'll give taping a try, but in the short term, I got some tubular bandage and put that ove my knee. Magic! Straight away it felt easier and better supported.

So I ran. Bloody hell, it felt heavy going! It was very blustery, so I think I'll blame it on that. I was trying the "Stepping Stone" podcast, which seemed ok - it's basically a pacing package, taking you at 150 BPM for 15 minutes, then 155 for 10 minutes, then 160 for the last 5 minutes. I didn't up the pace to 160, I'm afraid - I think it's still a bit early for me! I finished the 30 minute podcast run and once again gritted my teeth and completed my 5K - though in my slowest time so far!! Irritating, but I guess you have to take the rough with the smooth.

Another run on Thursday, then hopefully, if I keep my nerve, Parkrun on Saturday.

Today's run - connect.garmin.com/modern/a...


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9 Replies

  • Great to hear you're gettign out there again. Do look after your knee, we hear way to many stories about people pushing it too hard and then end up suffering the consequences.

  • Hi Steve, I graduated a month ago and have done Stepping Stones twice. I managed it and kept with the pace, but was even redder than normal by the end, and exhausted!! Not easy, in my book. Hope your knee is ok.

  • Thanks, Tomas and GL. In the course of my research I learned not to ignore potential issues, and to expect to have to actively manage that knee, even when it feels ok. Now I have the bug, it would be horrible to have to abstain from running for more than a few days!

    The bandage worked really well. No pain of any kind while running, just a few twinges for several paces as soon as I stopped (how odd!) and since then, it's behaved itself. Feels a great deal better than after Sunday's run. I will investigate the KT tape, though - that looks effective, and can be more accurately targeted.

  • YES! Another fellow Tuesday Runner in gale force winds. Wasn't it DIFFICULT?!

  • Yes, but I had that urge to go and run!

  • Be careful with the knee. My problem was a symptom of something else but in my case trying to run through it was a mistake.

    The tubular bandages are good for preventing unwanted lateral movement or twisting whereas the KT tape (my physio uses, and sold me, Mueller branded stuff which is less expensive) can help in correcting 'faults' that lead to those in the first place.

    Hopefully yours is just a little niggle but do be careful.

  • I do intend to be careful. Like I said, I don't want to have to take a break from running. I have no other pains, aches or twinges, so hopefully it's just unfamiliar extra use. I'll give it support when I run.

  • look after your Knee Steve . can be many causes .. if it doesn't improve see a physio :D

  • I will, Rob!

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