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Advice please!! Week 1 run 2

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Hi i'm really not a runner but would love to be! I see people out for a run and would love to do it but i even found the fist run/walk tough! i need to loose weight but that is in hand so want to get fit too. but i'm wondering if i found the first run that hard will i be able to do it? i did do it but can't believe i'm so unfit that 60 seconds running was hard!!!!! any advice would be great!!!!! Thanks!

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Go for it. It gets easier if you stick at it and progress is inevitable. I could hardly run 60 seconds to start with and I'm amazed that I'm now in week 7.

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I found the first run the hardest of the whole 3 x 9 weeks. I thought I was going to die, could not breath and was most definitely not fit. However I plucked up the courage to have a second run and it seemed just a little bit easier, at least looking back I think I was fearing the worst and it didn't happen. By week 2 run 3 I was looking forward to my next run with eager anticipation. I've been running now for over 3 years, I'm fitter and healthier than I was in my 40's. So if I can do it so can you, forgot to say I was 2.5 stone over weight, asthmatic and 60 when I set out to learn to run.

Good luck, you can do it just go at your pace and speed, its not a race and if you really don't feel ready to move on to the next week at any time just repeat the odd run, it will help in the long term.

I was thinking about this as I was doing Wk2 R2. I did Wk1 for two weeks and have had to repeat Wk2 due to this blessed cold I can't get rid of. The great thing about following these podcasts is that you do see improvement with every run.

I only did 6/8 runs on my first day and thought my body was going to cave in on itself, my muscles hurt so much. The second run I did 6.5/8. I pushed myself to 7/8 runs on the third try but I felt like I'd never catch my breath again.

After the weekend break I went out on Monday and ran all 8 runs. I was so pleased I did a little Rocky celebration. The rest of the runs went without a hitch. I was so much fitter after two weeks of doing Wk1. The results are there for you to see with every run you do.

I dreaded Wk2 but I've completed every run I've done. It might be because I much prefer the music in Wk2 (the sooner the C25k app comes to Android, the better).

It's not a run. It's a jog. If you're going uphill, slow it down, even if it feels like you're running on the spot, just keep going. The only person you're competing against is yourself. Just aim to feel a little bit better every time you run and you will. I promise.

Thanks so much guys! that really gave me some incentive i did manage all of the runs but i almost had to stop! my daughter who is 14 was with me so i think that made me keep going, i could hardly breathe while she was bouncing along!!! i may have to do week 1 a couple of times as at the moment i cant see light at the end of the tunnel! ill let you know how i get on later!!!!! Thank you again it is soooo good to talk to people like me!!

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Took me weeks maybe a month to crack the first week of the programme, we all start at different levels so don't stress about it, just carry on until you get there :-)

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Oh my...week 1. It was awful for me. I had to do 5 runs for week 1 just to breathe at the end. Yet today I ran my 7th 5k comfortably and casually after work! You can do it no matter your weight (Im a good 5 stone overweight). We are all rooting for you and here for advice when you need it, or just a confidence boost! Take it slow and progress in your own time. This is not a race, if you struggle too much repeat a run or week and do not worry, every run is progress. You will get there I promise, and you will find you start thoroughly enjoying the challenges :)

I really struggled the first week, even running for a minute made me feel sick. I couldn't complete the one minute runs for at least 2 weeks. Try taking small steps and go at a comfortable speed. I just completed my third run of week seven, I can hardly believe it. Have faith in Laura, she will get you there and good luck x

The programme works trust it is best advice can give. I felt like my heart was gonna pump out of my chest in the week 1 runs, now im on week 8 running for 28 mins which I find unbelievable. Stick at it and you will succeed.

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I just want to reiterate what everyone else has said. I started on 1 August - 55 years old with previous back surgery and a dodgy knee - three months later I'm running 5k three times a week. I still have to pinch myself to believe it :-). Still don't seem to have my graduate badge though :-(

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The key word is perseverence....You CAN do this, and with the support and advice from this community, you will get there.

You have already done the hardest part, which is getting out of the front door the first time, and I appluad you for that ~ the rest is just folowing the scheme, repeating runs or weeks as necessary, and before you know it you will be browsing the running mags and kit on the shop shelves without even reslising what you are doing it!

For added inpiration, please watch the YouTube clip called 'Running for my existence'. There are a few that Roger has posted, but part 1 is SO inspirational. If you aren't close to tears before the end, you are are tougher than me!

Good luck with the running, and please, please keep us posted ~ we genuinely are interested.

I was the same could hardly do the brisk walk let alone run for 60 secs took mee 3 weeks to do 1st week. I managed to stick at it and can albeit slowly run for 6 miles now . It does get easier I promise I was so so unfit you can do it . it gives me a buzz and energises me go for it

What a great response! Thank u all so much it has really given me hope!!! And so lovely to have support! It really does mean a lot I had no belief in myself but after reading the replies I feel I WILL be able to do it! Watch this space!!!

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You will :) commitment and perseverance

We all will :)

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