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C25K Week 9 Run 1

Wow! I did it! I can't believe it but it's true. I ran continuously for 30 minutes and I took my 7-year-old daughter with me as a witness, lol. Bless her, not sure she realised just how slow I go, but she was brilliant and we managed approx 4km.

The last 12 minutes were into a stonking headwind, and so cold too, but we put our heads down and got there. Chuffed to bits. Never in a month of Sundays could I have envisaged running (jogging slowly - very slowly) for 30 minutes/4km when I started this 9 weeks ago.

Next challenge is to make it to 5km. It's going to take time and patience, got to do it slowly and steadily as I have been all along and hopefully get my strength and stamina up. It's about getting the distance, not the time, and I desparately want to be able to run further with my daughter and I know she can do 8km in about 50 minutes.

At the moment I'm revelling in the glory of completing my first 30 minute run!

Wine, anyone ;-) ? x

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Well done you !!! its really windy today, so you must be feeling so pleased. You are into your final week, after all that effort. I share your elation as I have just completed my W9R3 and it feels great !!!


Brilliant Bertieboy! :)


Congratulations! Hopefully I'll be joining you by the end of the week - just 2 more runs to go! :-)

Well done x


That is so lovely, running with your daughter like that. Fantastic job done you! And she can run 8km in 50 minutes! :O Wow!

Thanks for the wine, don't mind if I do. :)


You're welcome :-)

Thank you for all your encouragement over the last 9 weeks, it's meant a lot x

I know, she's a proper little runner, we're very proud of her and her sister who's following in her footsteps.


Wow! She is seven and can run 8k in 50 mins??! Brilliant! :) Congratulations on your first long run Bex; I'm sure your daughter will be happy to train you to get to 5k! ;)

Thanks for the offer BTW, but not on a school night, I'm trying to be good!! :D



Lol, school hols here, Sue ;-)

Think I'm too slow for my little Paula Radcliffe at the mo, but sure she'll get me there. 5km is my next target x


Fantastic news. So chuffed for you x


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