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Oh my goodness that was hard W5R2

Accidentally clicked W5R2. Meant to repeat W5R1! (Had found that pretty tricky!).😨

Took my son who was chatting away so hadn't realised my mistake.

I cheated LOTS. I had to! I ran back down several hills. Twice I deliberately ran over to a gate (we were in the woods) so I HAD to stop and open it. I insisted on going down some steps rather carry on the straight...

I hope that has still built up some stamina? Will repeat it... Got W5R3 coming. Want to be prepared! πŸ’ͺ

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My next run is week 5, run 2. Ha you naughty girl at least you fessed up! lol Actually not really cheating just showing initiative? :)


Haha! Yes I shall be showing lots more initiative in the coming weeks πŸ˜‰. I think - at least I am out doing it. The hardest thing is getting out there isn't it?! Good luck with R2! At least it's only two runs. Slow and steady as Oldfloss says ⬇


Slow and steady as you go... the runs are just that... and each one follows the one before... take it gently and you will be fine:)


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