W5R2 oh yes!!

I’ve had problems with my back since the weekend, and then yesterday my neck started playing up. So moped around yesterday and ate like a piggy!

Focussed again today and did 45 minutes of Pilates pre-run to loosen up a little. Set off not expecting much, and ended up smashing (my) records all over the place. Never have I run for 8 minutes! Never have my lungs performed so effortlessly. Never has my nose ran so much :o …! My breathing was absolutely spot on, just the fat legs were heavy as usual. I have to say I was a little underwhelmed – is that the right phrase?! – because I didn’t find it horrendously difficult. Maybe pleasantly surprised is a better one to use! Winny must have found it tough today because he was parched when we got back :D . W5R2 – check! Next please :p …xx


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13 Replies

  • Fantastic stuff! :) I'd definitely go with 'pleasantly surprised' rather than 'underwhelmed'! ;) You're making brilliant progress - onward you go...! :D

  • Yaaaaaaaaay! Well done you. The Pilates paid off then! That was a fabulous run. When the good runs happen, it is so amazing. All set for w5r3 then. May you have light legs and a wide smile😊😊😊

  • Well done :-)

  • Well done - obviously Pilates prior to a run is the way to go :)

  • Great run! I did 45 mins washing-up and vacuuming as my warm-up today - can't say it helped much!

  • Urgh!!! Don't like the sound of housework!!! How did your run go?...xx

  • Could have been better, could have been worse. One of those days.

  • 😀 well done. Go steady and all will be well. Watch those eats! If you're sitting about don't scoff as you don't burn it off. I avoid sitting about, it's easier 😃

    Enjoy your next sesh 😊

  • Yes...8 mins twice...fantastic😁

    Hope your neck and back settle down. I found running helps my back, something to do with posture and core muscles.

    On you go.. Good luck😊x

  • Go you.. what a successful run.. make the most and move onward and upward! :)

  • Well done. Sounds like the Pilates helped. I sometimes get pains in my knees mainly and other joints and back. But they seem to go to disappear as fast as they came. Ached more so when I first started C25K.

    I have found now with continuous running if I get any aches they disappear faster. It may just be me , I don't know about others but since I have been doing more studying and reading and not sitting on the couch my back aches less these days. I think also sitting at table and not sitting awkwardly on couch really helps my posture.

    I must admit I never really feel comfortable sitting on any couch .

  • Very well done!! Fantastic progress :)

  • Well done, knew you could do it :D onwards and upwards :D

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