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Hit a wall 😞


Just finished w3 run3. Repeated weeks 1 and 2 so been running 5 weeks now. I started all of this to get fit and be able to be around for my children as very overweight. I also started it after being diagnosed with depression and anxiety following my sons birth. As someone that has always had confidence this is hard. I have been really enjoying running but stood on the scales after five weeks yesterday and still not lost a pound. This has made today’s run really hard and I’m starting to doubt myself again. The doctor said I could medicate or ease the symptoms with diet and exercise. I’m not against medication but I don’t really want to start something that could give me all kinds of horrible side effects and is highly addictive when I’ve been told it’s not as effective as diet and exercise. I know this is not a counselling forum but my dear running community every time I have needed motivation these posts have kept me going.

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Hi. I’m new to the community but already been heartened by the lovely support I can see everyone gives each other. I’m on W8R3 - got new trainers on- and Jet waiting. But I needed a push and looked on here. And I really do send you loads of confidence. That is a big key to a lot of things and the fact you started this whole thing is TERRIFIC in itself. Ignore weight for moment. You’ve probably gained muscle and hence scales message. But you are doing it for other reasons. You must feel SUPER when you go a bit further. I bet there’s a time in the run when you think ‘can’t believe I can do this’ and hold that thought. Mine that feeling.

To help - music 🎵as well as your C25K trainer. Go with someone. Do a ‘virtual run’ with one of us. So we set off together. Buy a fun piece of clothing.

Your family will be SUPER PROUD of you for starting. You know what they say - to start something is to half finish. And it’s British Summer Time so in another two weeks you’ll be further down the line and Spring really will be with us. Slow and steady wins the race. Go for it. Let us know after your next run. 🌈🏃‍♀️


Don’t be disheartened, please - you’ve definitely come a long way and made a lot of progress. Five weeks ago, could you have even contemplated a week 3 run?! You can do this, one run at a time.

C25k alone will do very little for weight loss, especially in the early weeks - the sessions just aren’t long enough for a significant calorie burn. Of course they’re great for you in other ways - your cardio fitness for one! Once you’re running the full half hour, three times a week, that helps. And of course if you’re eating healthily along with the running, that can help too.

In terms of treating depression, yes, many of us find that running and exercise help with our mental health - but sometimes medication is needed too. I’m sure I’m not alone here I’m taking antidepressants as well as running!

Most of all, well done for coming here for support and encouragement! You’ve got this!

Plenty of people take medication for anxiety, me included, most are not addictive and they can help enable you to help yourself to take control of your feelings. Muscle weighs more than fat so may be reason you have not seen weight loss yet. You are so brave , do not doubt yourself you have shown great determination so be kind to yourself, you deserve it 😊

Have you thought about joining any of the friendly and supportive running clubs in Thanet. They are there for all abilities and hearing some of their running journeys is really inspiring.

No I haven’t thought of that. I’ll have to look into it. Thanks

Coastal Striders and Alfie's Striders both run on a Wednesday and Sunday. Go to the boating pool in Ramsgate or to the gates at George V at 7pm on a Wednesday. Both clubs support all abilities and are full of warm and welcoming people. Good luck 🤞

Thanks. This is great x


If you can, try not to focus on the weight, but on the fitness gained.

I have put on at least 4lbs, and I have just come in from week 7 run 2. I stopped weighing myself around week 5 as it was demoralising. BUT my clothes still fit and my legs aren't as baggy!!

Just keep SLOWLY getting through the weeks and before you know it you will look back and wonder how did you come so far.

Your mental health will also improve along with your physical fitness. And imagine how great it will be for your son, having a mum with endless amounts of energy 🏃‍♂️

Just read all of these replies and it’s brought a bit of a tear to my eyes. Thank you so much! I think it might just be a case of a ‘bad couple of days’. I’m not giving up as I really enjoy it normally and I definitely feel like I have more energy. You’re all right of course. I have a review with the doc this week so I’ll chat to her again. Thank you so very much!


Hi there, first of all, a huge well done for getting started- many people are still on the couch and you are in a much better place.

Second, it is early days with your new exercise routine, give it more time and reap the many benefits. - It truly is worth it.

Last thing, a question - are you using some sort of healthy eating plan alongside your running? You need the two things working together to lose weight. There is a sister community on here to help with weight loss which might help - found here:


I do slimming world and running in combination, they work well together- but any healthy eating system is fine.

You have made such an excellent start, keep going, you are at the earliest stages of a life changing path. 😃

Thanks for the advice. I visit a nhs health trainer once a week for diet and have been following his advice alongside running. I don’t drive so two school runs with my daughter and a nap walk with my son and I’m hitting around 10-12,000 steps a day or more. I think I just need to keep going and perhaps avoid the scales for a few weeks! Hopefully then I can get back to really enjoying running and not seeing it as simply a means of loosing weight. I can already feel my fitness and stamina improving and my mood has been better generally. I just think I hit a wall today. Thanks so much for the boost!

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You are welcome! You have so many good things in place - that’s great, very well done. Keep going, you will gradually see more and more benefits. It might be helpful to talk to your health trainer about how you felt today too.

Keep posting how your running is going, we will cheer you on! 😄

Thank you! X


Do please keep going ! The programme is fantastic and the potential health benefits too good to miss 👍

As well as learning to run with the app, you can have a go at walking more. Getting out with the pram etc, and being more active in general is good exercise but it helps your mood too I find 🙂. Folks actually buy running pushchairs so they can run with their offspring. My neice has been gifted one and is hoping to make her Parkrun debut soon

Running doesn’t have to be onerous or serious. I think it’s a hoot! 😃 keeps me healthy and happy though I hope it will for you too

There is no need to hurry or push with the programme. Slow and steady is fine 🙂

Thank you 😊


I have depression (for a long time!) .

I found that running, initially, made me feel good but it was quite short term, i.e. a couple hours after each run. But very slowly it feels like a cushion of better mental health is being built - for example, I take bad events much better than I used to, now. I noticed it maybe 4 months in to running that it was getting better more of the time and not just after the runs.

There are still bad days but they last less long. Also, I still take some medication sometimes. It can help, but of course it's up to you, and if the idea of taking it makes you feel worried about side effects etc, it's counterproductive!

The others have given you great advice on the weight loss aspect but I would say the better mental health from running will help with willpower, if you need it, too. Good luck x

Completely agree. Thank you. The doctor gave me the choice to medicate or tackle it with diet and exercise. I’m not sure it’s enough though so will chat to her at my review this week. Thanks. I cannot believe how many of us there are that are running and fighting this daily battle. It’s really inspired me today x

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It's both sad and comforting to know you're not alone, I feel! Great about that review with the doc - it is important to keep thinking and talking about what is / isn't working and how you feel. Helps get perspective and judge progress. Keep coming here to read and post if you like too - this is such a great forum for depression, I think! Of course, we all tell you that running is the thing to try :)


Hi Ramsgaterunner. Firstly, your not on own with this. I had a breakdown last year and was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Secondly, antidepressants are there to help with the symptoms of depression:low moods, sleep, fatigue, crying. I was put on medication and it was trial and error to find one that worked for me. The time I had off and the therapy I received was a path for self discovery. I felt I had lost the person I used to suggest you talk to your GP.People do come off antidepressants, however, you need to work at this and suggest he refers you for some sort of therapy.

I wasn’t losing any weight either, and someone suggested this maybe because my fat is turning into muscle which is heavier than fat. I have noticed that my body shape is changing and I am down a dress size. I have found running gets rid of the nervous energy I was experiencing and feeling a lot happier running in the fresh air. It clears my head. I hope this helps. You can stay on the same week for as long as you like. This is nobody else’s journey but yours. ❤️

Thank you! It’s so hard isn’t it especially when it changes your personality. I’ve got a review next week so going to talk to GP. I know what you mean about running though. I run near the coast and look out at the sea every time. It really clears my head and gets me ready for the day. Good luck with your journey and thanks for the inspiration


I’m a teacher and we’re all on meds for mental health 😂

Try doing slimming world - I thoroughly recommend it.

You’re doing really well. Don’t be disheartened. Look at the progress you’ve already made.

It must be something about teaching as so am I 😂😂😂

My friend has been very successful on Slimming World. Will have to look into it. Five weeks ago I couldn’t keep up with my daughter on the school run but now we can play races in between the lamposts. I think today I just hit that wall but thanks to all of the lovely comments and advice I’m spurred on to keep going. Thank you x

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Oh that’s good to hear. Yes, teaching is hard! Holiday soon to get back on track 👍🏽

On maternity at the mo but due back after May half term 🙁 At least it’s only for six weeks 😉 x

Totally agree! 😂😂 about being in education! I am attending slimming world. Also CBT helped me change my mindset and not blame myself and feel I had to take sole responsibility for everything .

I’m on the waiting list for CBT so fingers crossed. Good luck x


I think everyone has already said what I wanted to say - try not to feel despondent and keep going with the programme. You've completed Week 3, which is fantastic! And it's so lovely that you can run by the coast - I would love to be by the sea - it's my dream! Good luck with Week 4 and the rest of the programme! We're all running with you. xx 👍

Thank you x


Wow ramsgaterunner79 ..you have a lot going on here..but please don’t doubt yourself, it does not matter how many weeks the programme takes you....there are no rules except for NO FAILS, the F word is not allowed on here & thats that...you might not lose the pounds but I can promise that your body shape will change...& weight loss will follow...but what is most important is that mentally, you will feel differently..you can start a run in a completely different mood to how you finish....you might not always want to go out but you should, because you will always feel better for a run & even a bad run is better than no run at all...keep running because, just reading your post makes me think that running is just what you need x

Thanks so much. You’re right of course. Had to swap tomorrow’s run to today because of husbands shifts and was really nervous about doing it so soon as like to leave a rest day. However I feel great. I ran my best run yet and took a different route so gazed out to sea and a gorgeous sunrise as I came home. No matter what I have to keep going because this feeling right now is fantastic and is going to keep me going for my husband and kids x x


Okay.. and breathe :)

Slow down... really slow down... ditch the scales...seriously... get rid of them...and begin being a tad kinder to yourself.

The run was tricky,,, and the fact that it was has impacted on other things. Many of us have or have had similar issues to you, including myself... delayed postnatal depression after both my girls... also a massive shock to me :)

So... maintain a healthy eating regime...focus on just how far you have come... how and why you began this too...:)

Maybe.. stop repeating runs... and move on...but as slow as you like, think slow snail on a go slow... and let your legs just carry you gently.

Keep posting too.. we are right here... :)

Just seen this. Thank you so much. I have ditched the scales and moved on. Much more confident now. 😁

I’m with Oldfloss on this. I’ve spent all my life weighing, dieting, losing and regaining weight (much quicker than I lost it). Feeling bad about myself that I couldn’t get my act together and just eat less than my body uses - very simple in principle! Getting fed up with dieting so going mad on chocolate and crisps in between (healthy) meals. It made me so miserable and ashamed that I had no will power ! So I’m on week 7 now. I’ve had the willpower to get up at 6am and go for a run 21 times! And I’m proud of myself.

Overeating is psychological. For me I needed to escape the cycle of dieting, overeating, feeling like a failure. I’ve ditched the scales, I’m not bingeing on rubbish food. I’m actually eating normally. That’s an achievement for me. Good mental health often starts with good self esteem. Running will give that to you. You are doing great. Be proud of yourself xx

Thanks. I think that’s what I need to do. Those scales do not help in the slightest! Well done for getting to week 7! That’s amazing and thanks for the inspiration x

Hello, I have managed to loose weight through a combination of the C25K and at first the 5:2 diet but now I just honestly don’t eat that much 🙄🤪...kinda lost interest in it

all I wanted to add to the good answers above are ,1) how old are you scales ? I wasn’t loosing any weight on our old bathroom scales and when I was out in town one day I was in a popular high street chemist , that rhymes with “Hoots” and they had some scales you could pay a £1 to go on , I tried it and it showed I’d lost two pounds..after a brief discussion at home with management it was decided the scales were probably over 8 years old, so I threw them out brought a glimmering new one ( all glass and digital display) and it showed the lost two pounds as well...

The other thing I would add is my weight loss really platoued out and management suggested measuring myself , so I started measuring my chest and tummy and thighs ( felt a right twat🤦🏻‍♂️) but it was crazy, my weight was saying the same but I’d lost an inch of my chest or tummy or something .

Honestly, check the scales , maybe with a bang of sugar or something? And if they’re still being mean, ignore them and start measuring yourself, you may start to be pleasantly surprised 👍🏻

Massive respect and encouragement from someone whose been in the same boat 👍🏻👍🏻🏃🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️💪🏻💪🏻

Thank you! Definitely losing inches rather than weight so ditching the scales and going on how I feel and definitely improved my motivation x

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