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Wk6 R3 Worst Run Yet


just got back from thismornings run. it wasn't good. I had to stop to walk 5 times for a minute or 2. wast out of breath body felt fineisn I just couldn't go on. been fine on every run so far even wk5 r3 I felt I could have gone on for another 20 mins. just done blood pressure and temperature and they seem ok. feeling quite uneasy on my feet now though and not feeling quite right. has anyone else had anything like this? think i need to do this run again.

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I was exactly the same yesterday Kieran. This was the first one I didn’t complete. I realised I should have eaten a banana about 20 minutes before and drink lots of water the day before. I’m going to give it another go with this in mind. Come on!!! Let’s do it!!!


I think you need to rest.It does sound very much as if you may be sickening for something. So many yukky virus and bugs around at the moment!

So... take your rest day.. hydrate well... listen to your body and if it tells you to, then take another rest day.

I am fighting some kind of something or other..( cold type) I could have run this morning, but knew it would have been an effort and less than pleasant, and maybe made things worse... so..some gentle exercise today will be the thing.

The runs will be there when you feel back up to full strength, don't worry... just take care of you :)

misswobbleGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Stop worrying. You'll be fine. Some runs are pants! It might not be indicative of anything more than a bad day at the office

Enjoy your rest day and prepare to go again. It could be that your next session is epic 💪😃👍🏃‍♂️

thanks for the advice 1 evening in the sauna and steam room on Thursday 45 mins on cross trainer and spa again on Friday W6 completed on Saturday :) On to week 7 now just 3 weeks left

Way to go!!!! 😁

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