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w6 run3


:-))) !! Almost didn’t go, feeling disheartened after W6run2, but decided to give it a go on the basis I could always stop and try again another day. Beautiful day on the common, too beautiful not to run. The first 12.5 minutes were really tough, but somehow after that it got easier until by the end I was completely into it and ran an extra 5 mins (downhill!) Just for fun. Weird after W6r2 being so very hard, but fabulous. So if anyone is looking at w6r3 with despair, don’t despair!! With this programme amazing things happen:-))

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I've repeated the first 2 runs on week 6 twice to put off doing the 3rd one lol. Will have to give it a go sometime, so will take your words as encouragement! 😁

SusieHicksGraduate in reply to badcrumble

Yes do! I find the most wonderful thing about this is when you get past the pain zone ( 10 minutes for me roughly) and onto the enjoyable bit. So the W6 run2 one is especially hard and disheartening :-(( so do it, and see how you get on, you can always stop if it’s too much ( tjat’s What I told myself in order to do it at all!!).:-)


Very well done, that’s great! 😀

I completely understand the extra five minutes downhill -so very tempting!... However do resist those extra five minutes next time, that’s potentially the fast route to the injury couch. 😃

SusieHicksGraduate in reply to Elfe5

I’ll try:-) but it’s the best bit!! :-)

I completed mine on Tues and it’s been a month since doing Wk5 R3 so I was putting it off too - subconsciously. Also repeated Wk6 R1 once - but the run felt great. Took about 5 mins to get into it but even ran all uphill for last 12 mins. Such an amazing feeling! Well done you 👍

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