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A run for the mind to become clear!


Hello! I am new to this entire health journey. Being a professional dancer, I never wanted to run or jog. But thanks to situations, I had to leave all that behind. Leading a depressed, sedentary life style, working in a not so great, too-much-of-work company, I thought I can never be fit physically. Plus I had never thought I can get out of my bed for something like this at all. But my brother introduced this Couch to 5k and he helped me with so much of my shyness and problems on the First week first run. And today, I was determined to continue. I just thought maybe this will help a little with ny depression. And oh boy, I feel good now about myself. I live in a place, with not much proper roads, no proper grounds. So I hesitated so much to run. But thanks to my early morning rise today, I was so happy seeing the sun so beautiful when I jogged. Surprisingly, I felt it easier to do this than I thought. After my run, I had a short meditation. And it was even more effective. I guess it is a good start. I want to not give up, as I have given up so many such ideas previously. Hoping to graduate with distinction!

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Oh yes this will lift your mood and change your life.

Great that you are a dancer your fitness will put you right in your running and breathing groove.

Made for everyone but you were made for it, as you build your running body and running brain and have the stamina to run for 30 mins.

Read the FAQ Posts and everything on this wonderfully supportive forum.🌟👏👏🏃‍♀️

Distinction I have no doubts , believe it. Slow and steady is the process🌟👍

Your pic reminds of my Gulf days.🤔👏👏

aruvi in reply to Tbae

Thank you so much for the positive words! :) I already feel good about this forum. Yes, I will dig into it more!

Tbae in reply to aruvi

Mentors and Administrators and forum will guide you to the gems you need, you just have to take what you need for your C25k journey and give us some of yours also when you are ready.

You already have just with your decision.🌟👏👏


Welcome... please check out the FAQ post.. it has much tried and tested advice.


Slow and steady is the mantra... and please keep posting as you travel along :)

aruvi in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you. I will keep that in mind. :)


Hello and welcome!

Forum friends will support and encourage wherever we can.

You can do this for sure!

aruvi in reply to Millsie-J

Thank you so much :)


Good for you. That’s the spirit 😀

I’m sure most of us would dream of being a professional dancer. That must take loads of hard work and commitment. Sacrifice too. You should have all the tools in your box therefore to be a fine candidate for this programme. And beyond of course

Good luck. See you st the finish line Slow and steady remember 👍


Go you! Most importantly enjoy yourself: running is yet another way to relate to space and our environment, and to our bodies. So you'll definitely get a lot of benefits but no pressure: take your time!


Welcome aruvi, you have made a great start to this wonderful program. Running gives us so many benefits.

If you keep posting how you are doing, we will cheer you on. 😃

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