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Never thought I'd become a runner

This is my first post here. Last night I finished W2R3 and realized I'm loving running more than I ever expected. I want to go out again tonight but know I need to take the rest days.

I started this about a month ago. In the first week, I was running almost every two days because I was enjoying it. However, after the W2R2 run, I really hurt my knee and was limping around for a week or two. I was really bummed that I might not be able to start up again. After a week of it hurting, I finally decided to start icing it daily and doing some stretching along with one or two Ibuprofin each day that helped the pain go away for about half of the day. Finally, after about a week of that, my knee was getting back to normal. I gave it another few days without any treatment to make sure it was good to go, and then I got back to it.

I started back up this past Tuesday, re-doing W2R2. I felt a little bit of pressure in my knee still, but after my normal stretching when I finished, I iced it for a little while. The next day it felt fine and I was really excited that I was back on track.

I made sure to give myself an extra day of rest from what I had been doing and waited until last night to run again. It was a really great run. There was really no pain at all in my knee. I don't know if it was that or the weather or the music I had playing, but I didn't really want to stop running! I was in a really great mood when I got back and was really surprised that I think I'm becoming a runner! I never thought I'd like it this much and look forward to the opportunity to run. I've never liked working out before, but last night I had the choice at 8:15pm to either throw on Netflix or go running, and I choose running. It's so weird.

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Youve got the bug! All the best with your journey to 5k.☺

Reply have the bug...and it is brilliant!! Well done,☺

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I know the feeling - it's amazing isn't it!! Well done on getting back into it. Make sure you're careful and look after the knees.


I definitely will. There's a running store right next door of where I work, so I think I'm going on Monday so that I can get fit for the proper shoes and support that might help.


This running lark is truly great. Take things gently for now and soon enough you will be running further and quicker than you ever thought possible. Good luck . Andy


Weird but great!


At least this is a healthy bug 😀


I've been leaving 2 or 3 days between runs due to other commitments and I think I'm letting my body recover just that bit more and am getting better results for doing it.


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