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Graduation run - and a little confession


Good morning! Ok so confession first. I’ve taken part in the Great Yorkshire run twice but never trained. I hated running but did it for charity, I walked more than I ‘ran’. In 2011 I was due to do the same but the Great Manchester Run instead. But earlier that year I was struggling with pain. I had struggled since high school with back pain but it was worse. Long story short I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and told not to do the run. Was told running would make things worse and likely I’d never be able to run. So I got married that same year, had our daughter in 2012 and our son in 2016. I’d been trying to walk more as I wanted to be fit and healthy to lead a good example to my children, especially Erica as girls can be really impressionable. July this year I decided to look into this. 3rd July I wrote my first post on here and now today, 23rd September I am a graduate!!! I don’t want my illness to define who I am. It’s always used as reason for everything by medical professionals and I had to change my attitude to it. I control it, not the other way around!!!

So now here we are. I ran today’s park run. I heard MJ tell me that my 30 minutes were over. But I carried on. I ran the whole 5km (don’t shout) and I feel bloody amazing!!! My husband and the kids were waiting for me at the finish line. They cheered me on as I crossed. He said I finished that strongly he thought I’d stopped and walked further back and was really proud when I told him I didn’t stop at all!!! Erica told me she was proud of me, Flynny gave me a big cuddle. I’ve never felt so happy in myself and so proud of what I’ve done. I’ve achieved a lot in my life, qualified accountant, good exam grades, 2 amazing kids and a lovely husband, lovely house etc etc. But today, that was something else. This is something I was told wouldn’t be possible yet I have done it and I know I can go further now. If I can go from zero to 5km in 12 weeks then I can definitely get to 10km by May next year and take my place at the start of the Great Manchester Run, the run I had to give up on 6 years ago.

I have no idea of my time yet as I had a GPS failure on my Fitbit, all I know is that I ran for 5km and it took me longer than 30 minutes. 🏆🏆🏆

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What a star!!!!

Taking control of your life is exactly how I have viewed running.

Many, many congratulations on your story and achievement!

Parkrun will tell you how you did (brilliantly is the answer) in respect of time and now you have a PB to chip away at.

Keep running, keep smiling.

MrsT82 in reply to IannodaTruffe

I did Park Run last Saturday so my PB was set then at 35:12. I think I’ve beaten it today. 🙂

And thank you xx


I'm too old and too male to be sat here filling up, but hey, what an amazing post from an amazing young woman. Congratulations MrsT I hope you are glowing with pride, bless you and your beautiful little family. I couldn't be happier. XxX

IannodaTruffeAdministrator in reply to Martin_Rose

I tell you, Martin, it changes your brain chemistry.........

MrsT82 in reply to Martin_Rose

Aww thank you Martin! ☺️

Well that brought a tear to my eye! Brilliant post, brilliant run, brilliant attitude. Just brilliant

I hope you have z celebration planned; you deserve it👍🏃🏃‍♀️👍

MrsT82 in reply to helenwheels

Off to watch Bolton play this afternoon which is more of a punishment by pub beforehand to celebrate! X

Well done, don't forget to claim your badge


You are just wonderful!!!! Congratulations! You're inspirational! I've just finished my local parkrun - which is a horror as it's very hilly - after two weeks of running. It was horrible and I was very close to sneaking back, grabbing my water bottle and going home without finishing. I didn't but it was one of the hardest runs I've ever done - and I walked almost all the uphill sections! My aim is to do a 10k in the spring and your post has given me the kick up the backside I need to stop feeling sorry for myself and refocus. You are amazing and you are exactly what C25K is about! Well done!

MrsT82 in reply to RebeccaSK

Nearly had me in tears there. Thank you, I’m glad I can inspire someone. I’m glad you carried on! Xx

RebeccaSKGraduate in reply to MrsT82

I think you've had a few people in tears with your post! You will inspire many, especially those who read the posts on this forum but don't comment (there are lots of people who do that) and please continue to post - about the tough runs and the good ones. You are wonderful and your positivity is a very powerful thing!

IannodaTruffeAdministrator in reply to RebeccaSK

Keep following the forum, Rebecca and then you won't be tempted to sneak away.

Well done to you too.

RebeccaSKGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

I won't sneak away - I've put too much blood, sweat and tears into this to stop now. First run after holiday was always going to be awful but this Wednesday I start running with the beginners running club and I'm confident it will really help me - and hopefully others too!

OldflossAdministrator in reply to RebeccaSK

If you did try to sneak..I would follow you :) x

That's is amazing, well done. I've got a bit teary reading that. What a fabulous achievement, you should be proud of yourself. Have a great day, feeling fabulous !! 😀 xx


Load of dust round here making my eyes water really badly - can't think why.

What a lovely post and I'm sure people will find it inspiring - I certainly have.

Well done you for not listening to the nay sayers and then going out and proving them wrong in a big way.

Wow, MrsT simply brilliant 😊🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

Your 'little confession' gave me tingles down my neck, Well done You, for not letting your medical issues rule your life and taking on the c25k challenge anyway and proving how strong and fit you can be...

What an inspirational post and I feel so proud of you.👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💪💪

Enjoy your celebrations with your lovely family, but keep posting on here as your running journey continues...

See you on the Bridge210k in a few weeks...😄


Congratulations! I'm so happy for you!

Just goes to show this programme is for everyone!

Enjoy the rest of your graduation day!! 😊🍾🏆🏃

MrsT, you are a wonderwoman all this time with fibromyalgia and you kept schtum. All those hard training runs up hills and through the timw withstupid idiots throwing stones at your car, your children being poorly and you too. I am amazed at your commitment and sheer gutsiness. Brilliant, a graduation well deserved and fought for.

Love the pic, and I love you are controlling your life and fitness.

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant....

MrsT82 in reply to Jancanrun

I couldn’t have done it without you xx

Jancanrun in reply to MrsT82

You could and you did Erica and Flynn's supermum




Well done! So inspiring xx


A HUGE congratulations to you, I'm sure you do feel proud because it's a huge accomplishment!


Oh my God you are such an inspiration!! Unbelievable and amazing! Honestly, this needs to be star post of the week. When I'm finding it hard in future, I will think of you and what you have achieved and push on through. Thanks so much for sharing this with us. All the very best of luck moving on to your next goal :)

Fantastic achievement! You have defo inspired me to carry on despite my RA and depression! Way to go you and good luck for the future 😊

Congratulations MrsT - fantastic run and wonderful post. Very well done for taking control of your life. You are a superstar! It's a good time too - I just did my second parkrun post-graduation and I'm a good few minutes behind you.


Amazing... simply amazing.... many huge congratulations on ALL levels :)

This is just an inspirational post... and you ? You are an inspiration to all of us :)

I felt humbled when I read this post.. thank you :) x

PS; The badge looks wonderful as do you three..

and the best bit... this journey, this wonderful journey goes on... :)

So last weeks Park Run time was 35:28 not 35:12. But, this week I did it in 34:17!!!!!! 😀😀😀

Thank you all for the lovely responses. I’ve just read through. I didn’t mention my illness previously because I didn’t want anyone having any preconceptions when I was having issues. But the stress cause by Flynn being poorly is the reason I was so stiff the other day. I’ve got a nice deep tissue booked in for next Saturday. Cannot wait!!!!

You’re all amazing! You’ve all kept me going when times have been tough. More than you’d know!! I couldn’t do it without this forum. I’d tag people specifically but tags won’t work in the app.

What an inspirational story. You’re an absolute star and as you know I’m also working towards the Manchester 10K. I would be honoured to line up at the start with you.

Thank you 😊


You are just are running your own journey in your own time & that's all that matters...absolutely brilliant, well done xxx


Congratulations on totally acing your graduation run! And what a fabulous post. You have every right to be very proud of your achievements. Your comment about not wanting to be defined by your illness really stood out as you are clearly making this wish reality in a very concrete way. I hope that it does not cause you too much suffering - I know it can involve a lot of pain.

Your photograph is wonderful and I am sure your kids will treasure it in years to come. You are definitely setting a great example to them. In my experience children are hugely influenced by this sort of thing (and their pride and support is just priceless).

I hope you will continue to succeed in your running plans for 10k and the Great Manchester Run - I am confident you will. :)

So 6 days of polishing your well deserved badge of glory... what are you up to now?

MrsT82 in reply to Jancanrun

Hi Jan. I was thinking about posting actually. I’m feeling very low right now. I’ve been suffering with my ankles since Sunday. And my feet in general. Constant aching. So today I decided to walk to school to get Erica and could barely walk back. My ankles are both really swollen and definitely not able to run. I tried a little 4 yard jog and felt like my ankles were going snap. 😫

FishypiefaceGraduate in reply to MrsT82

Oh bless you, I am so sorry to hear this! I don't know too much about FM (although I think my husband has something undiagnosed and similar). To do C25k, and suffering in-between with that, well, there aren't enough words to express how totally amazing you are. You are a complete inspiration to so many of us. I know that doesn't count for much, when you are suffering so much. I hope that you are able to get back out there soon. You know that if any of us could be there to run beside you and support in times of need, we would.

MrsT82 in reply to Fishypieface

It’s so weird as I’ve never had this before. My fibro always surfaces in my back and legs. This feels like the joints which is odd. I’m having a long soak in Epsom salts, candle, glass of wine. And then I’m going to do RICE whilst hubby cooks tea.

I feel like such a fraud after the elation of Saturday. I expected a few days rest then back out there for a small run and build up again. Husband thinks I may have damaged them in the park run on the bit where there are tree roots leading up to steps and then a very steep downhill back to the pathway. But I didn’t feel it go like I’d expect as I still managed to run the full 2km remaining after that.

Thank you for your kind words. It means a lot. And I hope your husband gets a diagnosis of something as when you live knowing that there is something not right but you don’t know what, that’s harder than living with the diagnosis even if there isn’t a cure. It’s taken me 6 years to get to this point though so if it is this, it’ll take time to adjust. It also took a long time to diagnoses as there aren’t definitive tests. Xx

FishypiefaceGraduate in reply to MrsT82

No way are you a fraud!! You are one of the most real people doing this. I know diagnosis is really hard for fibro and yes living with something when you don't know what it is sucks. They can never really say what it is (or isn't!). Sounds like you are doing the right things there (anything involved wine therapy has to be a winner!). I really hope that it clears up for you pronto. Keep us posted, we are always here if you need to vent. :) x

MrsT82 in reply to Fishypieface

Thank you xx

Jancanrun in reply to MrsT82

Oh you poor thing, I did wonder as you had been quiet. I just assumed that maybe the big graduation had pushed you over slightly on your fitness and health. Big hugs hope you are better soon😘

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