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Week 7 Run 1

I usually start my weekly runs on a Monday, but fancied a run this morning so atrated Week 7 today. Again I followed the parkrun route and tackled the 2 little inclines with gusto. Again as always I go off to fast and did the first mile in 8:32. the second mile was slower but I think this was down to tiredness than me actually pacing it right - it was 9:52 for this mile and I think that is where I would like to be - between 10 and 10:30 per mile. I asm sure I will eventualy get there with the pacing. Todays run as alkways felt good as i clung on in there for the last 5 minutes and completed 4.3K. But I think it may only have been 4.1K in distance as I did a lot of dog and family dodging today. Every run I love and hate and cant wait to graduate and see how close to 5K i can get., i know that is not the aim but it is my goal

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Well done, keep going!


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