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Get in there !!! Week 7 Run 1 ✔️


Another one ticked off !

again, the hardest part was getting out of the door !

little bit of a tech hiccup at the start of the run, took a minute to sort my music out but then Pink Floyd came good !

the first track appropriately titled "Fearless"

and for those who know it , the first few words are "You say the hill's too steep to climb" 😂

took a little longer to find the groove on this run ! the toxic 10 reared its ugly head, in fact it was just around 11 minutes when i had settled into a comfortable pace and then the music fades and Laura comes in to say 12 and a half minutes done !

for me, that halfway point is a good feeling especially now i have a little downhill stretch to enjoy !

then around the corner to the first up hill, i was half way up the hill and a young lad on a skateboard was coming down the hill towards me , he passed with a big grin on his face haha 😆

hill conquered and 8 minutes to go .

a little bit on the flat , then a little bit down hill again before the last uphill bit when the music faded and Laura tells me just 60 seconds left pick up the pace if you feel like it !

so, I DID ! as on my previous run, finished with increased pace and the last hill conquered !

All in all, a good run !

Just the same again now to do on run 2 !

Sorted ! 😬🏃‍♂️👍

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Yessss! Well done - and, dare I say it - no real dramas! We’ve got this, now. Funny, you need motivation to actually get out of the door, and I’m raring to go but usually have a wobble for the first 5 minutes.

Good music 😀

Onwards and upwards (hopefully not too steeply) to Run 2 🐌

Oh, that snail is me, not you 😂

Jools2020Graduate in reply to Jools2020

Oh, and well done for picking up the pace!

Instructor57Graduate in reply to Jools2020

Thanks, it's got to be done haha 😂🏃‍♂️

Instructor57Graduate in reply to Jools2020

Thank you !

and yes , its strange this motivation thing !

it seems to vary .

and your right , no real drama's

i was home for 20 minutes and my new toy was delivered !

My new Garmin watch 😬

so that will be my motivation next time haha

Well done, you have this well and truly cracked now!

New Garmin watch sounds great, that will assist in your consolidation runs when you’ve finished the programme.

Instructor57Graduate in reply to wobbles_when_runs

Thank you !

yes, i wanted to start checking stats now at this point .

just got to figure it all out now haha 🤔

wobbles_when_runsGraduate in reply to Instructor57

Haha, if you’re anything like other men you won’t want to read the instructions (said in good faith) 🤣😂

Have a look for a YouTube tutorial 👍🏻

Instructor57Graduate in reply to wobbles_when_runs

How did you know ! haha 🤪

Brilliant, you’re storming through this! 👏👏👏 Have fun with the new Garmib watch 🤣

Instructor57Graduate in reply to Needtoescapepo20

Thanks, not sure about storming through it haha

but believing i will finish it now !

the watch will spur me on to the finish line ! 😬(i hope)

Well done ... stepping up to 25mins ... serious running now.

No dog walker today I see ... but a skateboarder.. not tempted to take his skateboard for an easier run??

Well done again ... a full 25min run ... a true runner ! 🏃🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️

Instructor57Graduate in reply to PlymBorn

Thank you 😬

I was tempted to knock him off, nick it and go sailing down hill haha


Getting out of the door, always the hardest part of a run for me :)

Instructor57Graduate in reply to Newbie59

I'm glad it's not just me then ! 😬

Well done!

You increased the pace uphill? Think I'd be going backwards! 😂

Tinytears60Graduate in reply to TheRajimuffin

And me!!!! 🤣

Instructor57Graduate in reply to TheRajimuffin

I think if I hadn't increased then I WOULD have been going backwards haha 😂


Well done! I’m off in the morning to give this one my best shot 🤞I’m avoiding the ‘mountain’ on my route ...I hope 🤣

Instructor57Graduate in reply to SJ60

Good luck with the run ! 👍🏃


Well done mister, especially conquering that bloody toxic 10 .... I sometimes wonder if there’s such a thing as toxic 25 ( there certainly felt like there was last week 🤣 )

Great post!

AND you did inclines too! 👏👏👏

Nice to get to the 12.5 minutes mark isn’t it... it can affect one of 2 ways... I either think ‘Great!... on the countdown now’ OR ‘ONLY half way!!!!’

You had a little sprint at the end too! 👏👏.

Instructor57Graduate in reply to Tinytears60

Thank you !

And yes, I always think of the halfway as a countdown.


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