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Run 6 Week 1

This weeks run felt like a come down after last weeks elation of running 20 minutes. I started exactly the way Laura told me not to do which was start too fast. I was on 8 min 45 per mile for the first few minutes. Then I had a technical hitch Run keeper had a melt down and the audio kept coming on evry 3 minutes. It was driving me mad. So as soon as I hit 8 minutes during teh walk I turned the audio off and just had the clock and Laura for company. The run/walk went well until I stopped the clock at the end and went to see my distance ran and it said 0 distance and time of approx 24 mins. I am guitted that my distanc e was not tracked but I know I did over 2 miles again so happy with that. On a side note I registered for park run today, I have the bar code and registered as NHS couch to 5K. . The plan is still to enter once I complete the 9 weeks unless anyone feels otherwise I may consider it earlier

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Doh - Week 6 Run 1


Sounds a bit crappy with all the techno glitches but you're through it and moving forward


Hey I am at the same place.... week 6 run2 on Thursday for me.... good to know there are others at this point


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