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Week 4 Run 1

A little bit behind schedule this week due to a little family emergency. However not used it as an excuse not to run. Well I did for two days as I usually do the run on a Monday, but as I have been away from home and with no running gear I think its a valid excuse.

As a lot of others I did have a bit of fear towards week and should I have feared it, Oh Yes. But did I complete it, You bet I did. No it wasnt easy but I am just so chuffed that i can now run for that length of time.

Yes I struggled over the last 5 minutes and the run became a crawl. But I largely put that down for starting too fast. I am having trouble pacing and I can often be heard muttering you are going to fast but I am finding it hard to slow down, I think thats the competitor in me, Its not that I want to go fast, I want to go further which ultimately means pushing yourself faster.l I am sure I will eventually master it as I take on board advice and tips. But I am getting there and am really loving it

Maybe I need to have a running partner as I am now convinced I wont give up so happy to make the committment.

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Do concentrate on staying slow, you will be running 28 minutes before you can blink and then you’ll be glad of the slower pace (trust me😜)

Once you’ve graduated you can run as fast as you like haha!

Liz x


You'll find you'll need to ease up to get through the longer runs. Use your competitive spirit to try and pace so exactly so that you are never out of breath 😁👍


You did it and you did it your way and that’s fab. The pace thing is tough, naturally you end up just that bit faster and it's often really tough to pull back from it. But you know the mantra slow and steady gets there.

Also think a bit before committing to a running partner, sometimes it can be bad for both of you. One of you may always feel they are slowing down for the other - it’s not always a great thing to do, especially when you are learning your running. (I just know me and Mr JCR would be heading for the divorce courts if we ran together!)

But if you’re loving it I am sure you will have all bases covered.

Happy running


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