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Week 4 run 1

Bloomin Nora! week 4 is challenge, I stupidly listened ahead to find out what I was in for. All the worrying about not being able to do it was unfounded which is a relief. I read some posts on here before I went out and it helped lots... possibly read too much about W5R3 though, oops!

I went out for my run in between rain showers (or so I thought) and it went surprisingly well, I might even say that I enjoyed it, it was hard but I did it, just keep going, it doesn't matter if you have to slow down, just keep jogging. It is a big step up from week 3 as the rest times are much less but its ok, it is building on the previous weeks hard work. It all pays off

I took a wrong turning which made my route slightly too long so had a slightly longer warm down walk and then the rain, oh the rain what a lot of water!! got absolutely soaked! luckily I still had some energy so ran a little further, sprinting to get out of the rain, this has given me a little bit of optimism for the rest of the week which is nice.

Is anyone else tracking progress on endomondo?

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Well done. I was scared witless by a 5 min run but I've done 2 of the runs now and was amazed I could do it.


I think you have just have to trust in the plan and not worry too much about what is ahead!! I have just started using Endemondo - Just bought an armband because when I had it in my pocket I kept turning it off ...


Well done!! Each week is a challenge for sure... and each week we conquer each one... the program is awesome!! Hopefully, it was not my posts about W5R3 that scared you... I just finished mine yesterday :)


I tried tracking with my garmin today but it said I ran 180 miles from Kidderminster to London... so i drew my route into endomondo. @RhonaL do you find it motivational to share your workouts on Endomondo, I must admit I get a little kick out of keeping track of how many burgers I've burned

@Angela77 good luck with week 5, looks like you've got week 4 in the bag



180 miles... What a shock for you! Lol... Seems we have an ironman in our midst


I wish! Lol


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