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Week 4 run 1 in morocco


I was extremly anxious about doing my run in an unknown place.

I even contemplated just waiting till i got home in a weeks time.

However its an astonishing thing with this program....you just dont want to let yourself down!

And so i did it.

I found the running bit a massive jump from week...5 mins is a real amount of time.

I did feel it this morning the day after but filled with pride and almost looking forward to a repeat on sunday iñ this glorious setting

And weirdly cooler than london...when does that happen

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Well done. Where in Morocco are you? I may be going for a couple of weeks in a few months and had been thinking it was somewhere |I probably wouldn't be comfortable to go off for run alone. Are you a boy or a girl? Sorry to be so personal but it may be a factor!!!!

I am female but in el jadideh hotel with massive grounds by the sea and excellent security

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Ah, probably be in small places but I expect the shoes will slip into bag just in case. Enjoy the rest of your stay.


That’s it... you’re an addict... there’s no cure for this addiction!

Well done, keep it up, you so got this.


That’s brilliant Judalee! It is a bit of a mental challenge to run in another country, but what a feeling when you do. Well done you!! I’m sure you’ll enjoy your next run too! ❤️


Fantastic work! Go you!!


Wow!! How exciting! 😱 Morocco ❤ I'm going there in January ~ not with a running buddy though😊

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