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5K under 30 - a journey

The tiny horse gods delivered me a tiny horse mascot again and so I finally did a 5K under 30. For context, I graduated in December and have been running three times a week, 2 times a week on the treddy and once a week in the great outdoors on some pretty steep terrain. I recently incorporating sprint interval training, which has made all the difference, not to mention that I decided to pick a flatter route this time! I think it also helped that midway through I ended up tailing another runner about 100m ahead of me who's pace I would say was dead on 6 min/km, so I just had to try not to lose him for a couple of K!

I finished up the run with a nice slow K to bring me back home. It's been a really difficult time lately, so this was a very cathartic run. I don't think I sweated or indeed cried all my problems and feelings out, but it made everything seem that little bit more manageable.

Another sprint interval train this morning at the gym, a steady 4/5K on Thursday and then I'll get back out there on Saturday to see if this was a fluke.

As a sidenote, today was the first time since starting the programme that I noticed my calves were quite tight. Is there something I can do to prevent this or is it normal and will resolve itself?

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Run slowly ! Your calves have to strengthen and they do that by slow Running! Taking your rest day from running too! Running is very much in the calves so we have to take care of them. Running inclines will make a difference, so mixing up routes will help. Be aware of your training load and don’t do too much. Slow and steady. 😃👍


I do slow runs too! I didn't feel I was straining myself too much doing this and I have always taken my rest days. This run was done on Sunday. Yesterday I rested, and today I did my sprint intervals.


All good things. ... it takes times to get stronger calves and they might well niggle you for a while. You can do specific calf exercises, which you can find good examples of on the Internet Ankle drops with calf raises, foot lifts, lunges, etc.

You mention sprint intervals. Are your legs ready for them!

5k under 30 minutes is hard work! Don’t overdo things. If you’re new to running just go steady ! 🙂


Well done!


Thank you 😊


I swear by my massage stick and my sports massage therapist says my regular use of is maintaining my legs well. I use it every night without fail and have monthly massages as my job is physical too.👍

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