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5k in 36 minutes& ahead plan For 1/2 marathon

5k in 36 minutes& ahead plan For 1/2 marathon

Hey all

It was a nice run today after a rest of yesterday

Most important is that I am now not getting that breathless that I use to before few weeks

The ahead plan for this week is

4th March -Interval training 6 x 400 meter

5 th march - 5k normal pace

6 th march 5 k normal pace

7 th March 3 k

8 March - 8 or 10 k

Hope it goes as planned

Keep going

Keep running


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Glad to hear all is well and good luck with the training for your hm. I am sure there will be lots of advice and support on here to guide you along the way. My only advice is to have rest days. I was training and pushing myself for a half marathon and was injured due to over stress and not allowing rest times in between. It has taken quite some time for me to recover and happy to say that on my last night's run I was able to run 10k for the first time in a while without pain. I used to do double this with ease. Sometimes your rest days can be cross training- rowing swimming but the strength and flex is just as important and can be found on this site. I wish you all the best with your running and keep us posted on your journey.


Great to have a plan and good luck with your training. I agree with Carole though about the rest days. Also the recommended increase in distance is 10% to allow your body to adjust to the greater distances and to avoid injury. It all depends really on how much you've done before. Anyway, good luck and happy running :) And do keep us posted on how you get on :)

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Crumbs PV! That is a very very hard training scheme you've set out for yourself. You really need to incorporate some rest days to avoid injury. Nobody but very experienced athletes should run more than 4 times a week. You can cross train on the other days but you really need to allow your muscles to recover. Hilbean is right, you should only increase your distance by 10% a week. Good luck but please take care.


Rest days! Where are they? Ignore them at your peril

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Lots of people here will tell you what happens if you try to do too much too soon... I've seen how well you've done so far and it's clear how much you enjoy it, what a shame if you couldn't continue... please give your body the chance to repair between sessions, by all means do some other exercise, swimming, walking, yoga etc, but running is different and you need to rest...


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