5k in under 30 mins- just!

Well, I have been running every other morning since graduating on 9th March. Usually I try to run 5k, sometimes I do a bit less if I have a busy day ahead. This morning I did not feel up to running at all but told myself- just 3k is better than nothing. Trouble is the competitive spirit kicks in and I knew from my Endomondo friend that I was making quite good time. So at 4k I decided to go for it and knocked 20 seconds off my previous PB- 5k in 29 minutes 55s! If someone had told me on 16th Jan when I started this programme that I would be running for 5k in less than 30 minutes I would have laughed! For all those of you embarking on the plan, or part way through , good luck.. If I can do it anyone can!

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  • Well done, that's a great time!


  • Thanks! That 5k in 30 mins seemed a distant hope so I'm glad to have made it. I'm now working up the courage to do a Park Run

  • Oh, just do it! I've been to two now, and it's fun. Just go for the run, don't think of it as a race. With that time, you'll have plenty of people finish behind you.

  • I will! Busy for a couple of weekends but I think my daughter will drag me there on the bank holiday weekend!

  • Thanks and yes I might just do that!

  • Oooh, well done! I hope to do that at some point soon(ish!) It's funny, I seem to get the best results on days when I'm intending to do less too.

  • Why do we often do our best runs then? Sheer determination must win out I guess.

  • Brilliant Jenny! Congratulations on passing that milestone.

    Go for the parkrun, you'll love it. :-)

  • Thanks and yes I will. Might have to wait until the May Bank holiday weekend when my daughter will be home. She is a faster runner than me but has promised to keep me company!

  • Very well done Jenny. That's a great time :)

  • Thanks! I feel ridiculously proud of myself!

  • Well done, that's a great time :D

    A sub-30 5K seems quite a distant target for me at the minute.

  • Awesome!!! **round of applause** well done you 😀

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