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5k in 30 mins and 15 seconds

It's took me a long time to reach the point in which i can manage 5k in 30 mins (well almost). I was a slow coach runner, i think i even graduated at something like 7.5/8kph.

I managed today's result by making a variation of the c25k+ speed podcast.

I did my five minute walk, and then a five minute run at 9.5kph, i moved into the six interval runs, bumping up to 11kph for the minute, and then dropping down to 9.5k for the slower speed. Repeated as the podcast said, six times.

At the end of this though, instead of slowing down, i ran another five minutes at 9.5kph, reset the podcast back to the beginning of the intervals, and ran a further three intervals at the same speeds as before, and finished off the 5k back down at 9.5kph.

So in summary, 21min 15 sec @ 9.5k and 9min @ 11kph.

Overjoyed :)

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Hi Gazter, that all sounds amazing :-) - congratulations! BUT... (I'm new to this so forgive the ignorant question) how do you gauge how many kph you're running. I have sportstracker on my mobile but I keep that in a little bum bag and check it at the end - anyway, I don't think it would give me an ongoing rate, just an update every 1k. I guess you must be wearing some wonderful hi-tech gadget on your wrist?? Expensive?? Anyway, well done and I hope I can be you one day - LOL :-)...


treadmill... I'm not an outside type of person!!! When I started couch25k i was 304 pounds, there was no way I could go outside running like that. It would just look like i was running to the kebab house before it closed.

It has took some doing to get to that speed, and all of a sudden I am there. I began c25k in march, i graduated more or less on target, but i just couldnt get the times down. I didnt want to run for longer as i found it tough on my knees to go beyond thirty minutes.

I started doing the c25k+ speed runs, as a substitute for doing the long runs. Intervals are great for exhausting your body and burning fat even though the times are shorter.

I hadnt noticed such a big improvement from doing them, but i was doing them more for the purpose of exercise and keeping my foot in the running game. I didnt want to lose all that fitness and ability i gained from doing c25k.

On Friday i tried my first 5k for months. I got a dazzling 32 1/2 minutes something i was really amazed at. Today i smashed it to smithereens.

The week I finally beat C25K, properly. And, i only need 1/2 a pound off to get to my target weight :)


No wonder your overjoyed; that's a huge achievement!


This sounds great, Gazter. I managed to run 5k in 32.12 this morning, 1 min faster than Friday's graduation run so I'm well chuffed. Reading about your success with the speed podcast has made me think that might be the way for me to reduce my time too. Thanks for your blog and good luck!


lol, my graduation run was about 38 minutes...


Gazter - brilliant. Well done. Loved your comment about running to the kebab house! :) I know what you mean though. I too am a treadmill person because I just can't get my head around running outside for everyone to see! Daft I know but there you go.

Well done on your weight loss. You'll be a target weight in the blink of an eye! I made mine on 1st September in 69 weeks losing 6 stone 7 lbs! I am now maintaining and doing ok so far.In fact I'm a couple of pounds under my goal weight which suits me down to the ground.

Well done again - not only on the 5k time but also on the weight loss. I know its not easy. )


Wow, Sue, what an amazing achievement! That's inspirational!


Thanks Oona. Much appreciated. Who knew inside my former fat self a runner was fighting to get out! :) LOL


Well done Gazter the only way is up for you now!! Keep going!


Thanks all for your comments!


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