2nd 5K under my belt!

Hello everyone!! :D

I made a post nearly three weeks ago all about running my 1st 5K; I was buzzing and ran it in 33 minutes and 52 seconds...I had every intention of running my 2nd not long after. However, I got the dreaded lurgy and was out of action for nearly two weeks. Tonight, however, I thought I better run another one. I had one goal; to complete my second 5K quicker than I did previously and I did it!!! I ran it in 29 minutes and 40 seconds EXACTLY!! :D I think considering that was my second 5K and that I had done almost no exercise in any shape or form (bar walking my dog) in nearly 2 weeks I am very proud of myself and reckon that's not a bad time considering!! :D :D ;)

My next aim is to run a further two 5Ks this week; I would be happy if both runs were done in under 30 minutes but I think I will just try to get into the habit of running 5K more regularly first! :D

Sazkia :)

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  • That's a huge chunk of time to take off, well done.

    Just a note of caution, though. Not every run needs to be, or should be really, a fast one. Running yourself to exhaustion can become a bit demoralising once the big time improvements start to become small improvements or no improvements. There is also the fitness/strength perspective, running slower actually helps to build your leg strength more quickly and effectively than running fast.

    Certainly don't wish to be critical, you are doing great. Just take care.

  • That's why I said in my post that I'm not making speed a priority for my next two 5K runs; simply that it would be a good bonus if they were under 30 minutes. :) I did enjoy going at a quicker pace tonight though, I felt I handled it better than my first 5K. We'll see how it goes though. I think that I'm running 5Ks is a massive improvement to what I use to be able to do, I'm thrilled at what i can do now. :D

    Sazkia :)

  • That's certainly a great time, Sazkia. Glad to hear that you're feeling better than you may have done in recent weeks. Don't worry about your slight 'wobble' either, since it should rectify itself now that you're able to exercise once again.

  • Thanks, MrNiceGuy :D My weigh in (which was today) was not as bad as I originally thought - in fact it turned out great; I had 1/2 lb loss and not the 3 lb gain that I feared. Granted, only a small loss but a loss is a loss. :D Guess what worked? Eating MORE! Crazy huh? :P I'm now 10 stone 1 & 1/2 lbs!!! :D

  • That certainly is fantastic news. Although, eating more isn't as crazy as it sounds (particularly so close to goal), since it ensures that the body continues to receive the energy it requires, thus, ensuring that metabolism continues to fire.

    If you happen to be within a stone of goal weight, daily intake should remain fairly close to TDEE or maximum allowance. Granted, weight loss will be slower, but maintenance of a small deficit ensures that the body continues to expend calories (from existing body fat) during exercise.

    Furthermore, by ensuring that intake closely mirrors current TDEE, you'll be far better placed to maintain in the longer-term.

  • Wow, brilliant stuff that MrNiceGuy :D :D I shall certainly bear that in mind!! :D Thanks very much! ;) :)

  • You're welcome, Sazkia. However, keep in mind that if activity levels have increased from lightly active (exercising 1-3 times per week) to moderately active (exercising 3-4 times per week), the body will require more energy on a daily basis.

  • You're like sweet music to my ears ... :P ;) haha cheers buddy! :D

  • Not a problem. Re-calculating your figures should allow you to gain an appreciation of whether the correct amount is being consumed on a daily basis.

    Are you using the BMI calculator or other means to monitor your BMR/TDEE?

  • I use the BMI calculator (the NHS one) - I'm also using the height to waist ratio (both seem to work well with each other in that both show that I am very near to reaching the top end of what is deemed the 'normal' or/and 'healthy' range). :)

  • Although many calculators exist to calculate BMR/TDEE, since the BMI calculator has routinely worked for you, simply continue to use it, Sazkia.

    Keep in mind, though, that the BMI scale fails to take into account muscle/fat ratio and weight of the skeleton, for example, so don't get too hung up its recommendations. For a more accurate representation of current body fat (at 10st, I doubt there'll be much), step on a set of scales in the gym changing rooms or have a PT use a set of body calipers.

  • Yes, I need to do that and keep meaning to. I am really interested in monitoring fat loss. It would just provide a whole new dimension to my weight loss goal and I think it would be ideal to help me really understand my progress and how to move forward when each goal has been achieved. Because one thing is for sure - I do NOT want to go back to being over-weight!

  • Although you wish to fall beneath the 10st mark, also consider whether you're happy with how you look. By keeping consumption close to current maximum or TDEE, the additional calories consumed can be used to fuel exercise more intensely, leading to greater tone and definition in the areas that you'd like to achieve it. Running, swimming and resistance training all burn a lot of calories.

    HIIT also becomes your best friend when maintaining close to maximum, as it creates calorie expenditure both during and after the activity, ensuring that any weight accumulated is less likely to be fat.

  • Yes, I was thinking of including more HIIT, especially when I get to my ideal weight. They do a program at my gym that so far I've been too intimidated to join but it basically works on the same concepts you've just described. I can't remember the name of it now but it looks intense! I'll try to remember to check it out again when I go to the gym on Thursday, you may even of already heard of it.

    I tend to do lots of cardio (especially HIIT variety) but I also try to include some weight training in there too, that's what my mentor person at the gym said I should aim to do, because it continues to burn energy long after I've finished a work-out! That sounded grand to me so I try to do some weights every week. I didn't do weights tonight, focused on high intensity cardio instead but Thursday will be another 5K (probably slower than tonight) and then a weight lifting session. I do enjoy weight training, although I'm no-where near the standard of some of the members that train there.

  • I just tried using a TDEE calculator but it requires how much body fat I have, which is something I don't know yet. I wonder if it'll still work without it? I might just save the link till I know what percentage of body fat I have (I hope it's not high!!)

  • Okay, so based on a picture guide of what percentage of body fat I have I have estimated and according to the TDEE I should be consuming around 1600 calories a day, which is slightly higher than what I eat already so that's interesting!

  • Most BMR/TDEE calculators don't require body fat to ascertain calorific intake. I suspect you may have stumbled upon a calculator to record RMR (resting metabolic rate).

    Instead, attempt to find a BMR/TDEE calculator that uses the Miflin St. Jeor equation and see how it compares to the figures presented by the NHS BMI calculator.

  • Okay, I googled what you put and came up with another calculator but...Oh my! That can't be true! I've just tried this one and it's estimating that my BMR is 1,476 and my TDEE is 2,288. Like, what does that even mean??? Surely it can't mean I should be eating 2,288 calories A DAY???? More confused now...max calories I tend to eat on average is 1500 but normally 1400 or below, which I have been trying to change now and keep between 1500 to 1600 following advice from others. If I have had a mad mega session then I consume 1600 calories a day but according to this calculator it is all totally out of wack! Please explain! I used this: manvfat.com/health-report-b...

    Obviously I put that I was a woman and gave it all my correct stats!!

  • Okay, it said that it's designed for men so why have the option for females then??? I clicked female but I've just read somewhere else on the site and said that results for women may be inaccurate! Ggrr, not impressed, seem more confused than before...think I'll stick with BMI NHS for now lol!

  • It does seem to agree with every other calculator out there that I am just slightly out of the considered 'normal' for body fat though...BMI and my height to waist ratio state that I'm slightly out by (now) under half a stone and that calculator stated that I'm out of a normal (top end) body fat percentage by 0.9, which I guess must be rather accurate because that would tally with my BMI and height to waist ratio results too. I know I need to lose 5 and 1/2 lbs before I reach a healthy BMI. Sorry for going on, just curious and please, don't feel the need to reply; you're probably tired trying to explain all this to me and just want to go to sleep hahaha! :P You may do so and I shall just content myself with knowing I need to lose at least another 5 & 1/2 lbs ( at the very least!! )

  • Fear not, I'll explain in greater detail tomorrow, as it is indeed late. I'll also provide you with the equation to calculate BMR/TDEE for women.

    Don't worry, the equation for men and women is different, so the figures presented won't be as high

  • Thank you and good night! :D

  • If you've been performing HIIT oriented exercise for a while, it'll have undoubtedly contributed to where you currently find yourself.

    There's certainly no need to participate in the scary sounding class to obtain your fill; if you enjoy performing HIIT on cardio machines, continue to do so (I perform my HIIT on the StairMaster).

    Resistance training is also a form HIIT too, since it depletes glycogen from within the muscles, hence why only so many reps can be performed before rest is required.

    Simply continue as you are, gradually increasing intensity/duration of cardio or the amount of weight lifted and you'll be fine

  • Wow! I hope that's me in a few weeks, 5k still seems SO far off!!

  • Keep at it and you'll be right there alongside me! :P Fitness can be gained relatively quickly if eating well too. Hope you achieve the 5K very soon. :D

    Sazkia :)

  • Thank you, I am going to give it my very best shot!

  • Have you thought of maybe joining the Bridge to 10K forum.. if you are regularly and happily running three 5Ks a week, you could maybe follow the programme and up your distance:)

    The C25K, which you said, in one of your posts that, you did not follow is a very structured programme and the Bridge to 10K forum can point you in the direction of podcasts to hep get you to 10K safely and without injury :)

  • I don't have one of those things that enable you to listen to the podcasts while running, which is the main reason I don't do it via pod casts. :)

    I prefer it my way because I know when I've had enough or if I can go further and 9 times out of 10 I feel I can do more or go quicker. :) In a way I feel the podcasts would probably slow me up a little.

    I have thought about increasing distance but not yet...after all, I have only ran two 5Ks so far!! :P As I said in this thread, I want to get into the regular habit of running 5K a few times a week. If I can do that say for four weeks consecutively then I think that would be the right time to try running further distances while still devoting two of those runs to being a quicker 5K. :) I hope that makes sense haha. :P

  • A phone... ? Well this is your journey and as you say, you are doing it your way :) Good luck as your journey goes on :)

  • I can't use my mobile, it's rather old and been in the washing machine a few times so it goes off whenever I try to take it out...the only time it works is if it's left to stay on a flat surface and the charger constantly on it. :( I can't afford to get a new one and I haven't found a pair of headphones that stay in even when I'm walking let alone running! Plus, that all costs money and we can't all afford such luxuries. Well, I certainly can't! :( However, I've never let any of that get me down and I do it my way and I'm running 5Ks like everyone else on here and in good times as well so I'm doing something right! :D Plus, being 'plugged-in' annoys me...everyone is always attached to phones and headphones now, even in the gym! Everyone is glued to their phones, rather depressing! I feel rather fortunate when I think of it like that lmao! :D

    Sazkia :)

  • Well done, another great achievement!

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