Week 8 completed

My 9 yr old grandson came with me today to make sure I was fine running in the woods. I have not done a run yet without support from at least one member of my family. I suspect they still think I might keel over any minute. Anyway learning from Thursday's mistake of overdressing I set off more suitably dressed. I've still no idea what distance I've covered but 9yr old covered the distance so easily, back and forth and even walking while I slowly and steadily ran for the 28 minutes. I did it, that is week 8 done and only 2 extra minutes to run next week. It is only a few weeks since I struggled running for 2 minutes. I will probably grin for the whole weekend now.

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  • Well done blueboots!!

  • ditto

    well done!!

  • That's great and such an achievement :)

  • That's amazing!!! Well done you :-)

  • Well done :-)

  • Week 8 is very impressive - and your family still don't believe you can run! Nice of them to go with you though :)

  • I agree, it is lovely having the company and now that I can also talk a bit when I 'run' it is especially nice to run with my grandsons.

  • Wow! What a lovely family!! Good on you for achieving so much, I am on week 7 and dreading it!:( xxx

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