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That Bridge isn’t a Nice One


I first started running last year

Mid June was run 1 I struggled to get tot the end of the first 60 seconds and could have cried when I was told to run again

6 weeks later I managed my first ever non stop 5km in 35.24 since then I have run 2-3 times a week most weeks and October I ran 5km everyday for a month and after a weeks rest I managed 24.49 and was very happy with that time.

I eased off as I had over done it and kept to a steady once a week 30 min ish 5 km and then Xmas and everything gets in the way but still been doing my 5km

Last week I was feeling good and slightly lost running around back streets I’ve never been down as I was running while my son was kickboxing so was near his Gym

6km and feeling good later I got back to the gym. A few days of bad food left me wanting to run to try burn some off so set off tonight thinking o could cross that bridge to 10km

Wow 6.5km I found that my legs were done but pushed on and made 10km in 59.04 :-) super happy and very tired

What an amazing journey I’ve had so far and thought I had got to a good place only to find out this is the beginning I’m planning another run Monday possibly 10km if I’m well enough

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Well done on your 10km. I would suggest you take it easy with your increases and give your body a bit more time to build up to 10km. 6km to 10km is a big increase for your joints and muscles. I would personally do 6km next run, then build up again from there slowly to 10km, it is easy to acquire injuries if the distances are increases to steeply.

HGVDanGraduate in reply to Realfoodieclub

I’m aching now I will see how I am tomorrow and see how I am at work Monday and adjust my distance Monday night to suit

I’m trying to get fitter for cycling in June but only so much time I can spend on a turbo workout getting board

Too cold to ride outside so running it is


Well done, but you are going well beyond the 10% rule, which states that it is unwise to increase your weekly mileage by more than 10% of the total, allowing a slow and steady increase in duration.

Take it easy.

HGVDanGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

It felt ok a bit of a struggle after 7km but that was the home stretch

Had yesterday off running just a 15m spin on the bike trainer to stretch out my legs and all is good

Up this morning and I will take it steady today and run tonight if all goes to plan


Take it steady Dan.

HGVDanGraduate in reply to Millsie-J

Slow and steady is the only way

I’ve found my running Pace now so I keep to that

My mind and body are happy at that speed so distance increases appear my best option for now

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