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Running reflections at the beginning of a month hiatus


Hi all!

Today was my last run for a month because tomorrow is the beginning of the islamic month of Ramadan where Muslims fast from dawn to sunset which in the UK will be approx 18 hours. This time last year I had graduated, ran my first 10km and a few ParkRuns with a 5km PB of about 25:30.

Today I ran with my friend who recently graduated C25K. He asked me to pace him for a 26 min 5km. A few times he asked if I could slow down because he was tired but I knew he could keep it up so I didn't! Barking Parkrun finishes with a 200m straight so we pushed it and ran that section in 45 seconds and finished in 25:42! He did curse me a little when I told him the time we got but he was happy with the time. You can see in the photo that we both ran in the C25K graduate shirt!

So back to me. I've had a great year of running since graduating and have the following PBs:

1km - 3:36

5km - 21:45

10km - 49:55

21.1km - 1:54:53

I have got all the above PBs within the last 3 months and will aim to improve on them all in the coming year.

Also this time last year I was at the end of my weight loss journey having gone from 94kgs down to 70kgs. Today I am at 69kgs and I'm very happy that I have maintained the weight loss in the last 12 months, I don't think I would have been able to keep it off without running.

After Ramadan I am aiming to tailor my training to beat my 5km PB and to run 8 more ParkRuns to reach the 50 run mark.

Happy running all!

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Great post and it seems you have achieved so much since starting the c25k. Very impressive times, too :)

AftabsGraduate in reply to paul2014



Great pacing with your friend today; wonderful that you helped him run a sub-26 main parkrun. Well done on your PBs in your year of running.

AftabsGraduate in reply to swanscot

Thank you!


Another great post Aftab. Look forward to hearing your running exploits after Ramadan.

AftabsGraduate in reply to wilmacgh

Thanks and I'll keep posting!


Great times Aftabs. Looking forward to hearing more from you after Ramadan

AftabsGraduate in reply to AncientMum



Sounds like a great run - your friend did well. Lovely place to be running!

AftabsGraduate in reply to Ullyrunner

Yes it's a great way and place to start the weekend.

Great post and what fantastic achievements for the last year of running. Eid Mubarak for the end of Ramadan, and a happy return back to running.

AftabsGraduate in reply to Realfoodieclub

Thank you for the kind words.


Lovely to hear that you have had such a fantastic year of running, you really seem to be enjoying your running....brilliant times also. Hope Ramadam goes well for you, and look forward to hearing your next adventures.

AftabsGraduate in reply to AmberC

Thanks and I do enjoy running. If I am being honest when I started C25K last April I never thought u would enjoy running, it was just a means to lose weight but it's definitely a hobby now!


Lovely photograph, well done on some cracking achievements there. :-)

AftabsGraduate in reply to notbad



Best wishes for Ramadan. Thank you for sharing your journey with us and being such an inspiration.

AftabsGraduate in reply to tanyag_163

Thank you


All in all, not a bad year. I hope your next one is even better.

AftabsGraduate in reply to misswobble

Thanks and I'll keep pushing.


You've done so well, puts me to shame really, but I enjoy seeing your updates

AftabsGraduate in reply to katee1958

Thanks and even though I've listed my PBs the most important thing is that we are out there and running so everyone here should be happy with their achievements.


Wow Aftabs - what great times and fantastic achievements - you're clearly very fast! Hope you have a peaceful Ramadan and I look forward to hearing about your achievements after Eid.

Have a great Ramadan - I grew up in Leicester (big Muslim population) so there was always a lovely, celebratory atmosphere at the end of the month. I'm now living in rural Derbyshire and really miss the mood of celebration (and gorgeous cooking smells) at the end. Though can't imagine not running AND not eating all day for a whole month - I'd be giving out detentions and shouting at children like a witch!

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