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Fractured foot - advice please!

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Wednesday mornings run didn’t even start, left foot went completely over as I went down a slight dip in the path while on warm up walk. I thought I’d just twisted it but drove straight home. Took my trainer off and the swelling was obvious as was the pain. Trip to A&E confirmed bad sprain and an Avulsion fracture to my foot. I’m now sporting a rather cumbersome support boot and was told I need to wear it for 2 to 4 weeks and no driving for that period either! Foot and ankle very swollen and painful and developing lovely colours, but when can I start running again? !!! Any advice please you lovely lot xx

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I'd make sure you get some physio before you try anything. Your legs will be all out of kilter with each other.

Pester your GP for a referral.

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Erm dunno. When you get the boot off you might have to see a doc who might then recommend physio. If that’s the case the physio will tell you

Eat really healthily! Plenty of vitamin packed fresh natural grub Vitamin b rich foods are good for healing.

Good luck. Meanwhile you could work on your core and upper body 💪👍😃

Definitely one for proper medical advice. Get well soon.

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As we are no experts.. see your Dr and a Sports Physio maybe for some sound advice on getting back to is for sure, going to be a slow and steady return :) But... you will do it.

As misswobble says.. a healthy eating regime and some upper body exercise too:)

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DBlou in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you Oldfloss, you’ve always been my inspiration and give excellent advice. After weeks of running for 30 mins, then a wisdom tooth out, then flu and snow it’s been a stop start affair then now this! I could scream with frustration. But if I have to start at the beginning, I will. Love it too much to hang up my trainers!

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to DBlou

As do we all.... but with patience we will get there... I am struggling at the moment..but determined to get there) We can do it:)

as a general rule of thumb with these kind of things: when you can walk on it pain free, plus two weeks. But obvs go by advice from medical practitioner

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As this is not a medic led forum I would advise you to speak with a health professional who knows all of the injury details.

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Well, could’ve been worse! With an avulsion you will have a fair bit of soft tissue damage too so it’s more that that needs to heal than the bone..

Hope it fixes fast for you x

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Bad luck 😐

Not before the boot comes off.

We all repair at different rates and even if we were medically qualified, we would not give advice over the internet without being able to see your foot.

Take care.

Thanks guys. I wasn’t sure if anyone had had a similar injury, but yes you’re right I will see my GP and take it from there

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