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First run back after a week off with foot injury - advice please!


My foot is feeling better, not 100% admittedly but I would like to get back out there, carefully. Prior to my injury I was running 5k in 32mins or there abouts and was begining to start extending, what do you think would be reasonable to get going again, I was thinking of 2 15 min runs with a couple of minute walk in between but if I needed to stop prior to this I would. Any foot pain, I intend to stop.

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I would just start running, and listen to your body. You may find that everything is fine and you can continue to your 5k. Likewise you may find that you can't continue, if this is the case,s top. Don't make a plan, just run and see how your foot reacts.


I agree with Narmour. Just have a go and if it doesn't feel right start walking. :)


You lot are so sensible :0) ok, I'll just get my botty out there. I'm planning to go tomorrow evening, I might drive to the park JUST IN CASE!


Take it steady, try and feel how your foot lands. I was slightly landing on the outer edge, had to concentrate to land more central.


I think I'm one sided outer edge kinda gal, sounds like a character from a kids film!


I went, I ran, I walked, I chatted with other dog owners as Oss chatted with the dogs. I ran /walked 2 miles and was beginning to feel it in my foot towards the end, but no more foot complaint in the day.

All in all a successful run

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