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Its been a long time since i posted in here :) back in Jan i started couch to 5k, did my 5k in March and carried on running for a while until plagues with a horrific tendonitis and then exams and then i got ran over on my bike by a car... So looks like I am back to square one with couch to 5k as of thursday when my exams are all over! Gained a few pounds too :(

Not sure where to start as I'm sure i can still run a fair bit, may just go and see how i do. Anyone else had to redo the program from scratch?

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Not from scratch - but I am currently starting again from the end!! :) I graduated from C25k over 2 years ago - and since then have run a couple of half Marathons. But I am coming to the realization that I moved on from the end of C25K too quickly. We are all keen to do that after graduating - going on to longer and faster - but the "experts" all tell us that we should run slowly and easily for a LONG time before we start to think about running either longer or faster. So -I have decided to run 4 times per week for the next couple of months - just simple 30 minute runs controlled by my heart rate monitor forcing me to go no harder than 130 BPM - which is for me the top end of my Zone 2 cardio (70% of heart rate reserve).

Seeing as how you have had quite a long break - there is no reason why you shouldn't start over again at the beginning - and do it like you have never done it before. It is quite possible that this time you will be a little more confident - but don't get too cocky :)

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You do not necessarily need to re-start from the beginning; if I was in you, I would do a couple of runs aiming for the 30 minutes but being ready to stop before. That should give you a rough idea about where to re-start from.

It really depends how much fitness you think you might have lost and how your muscles will cope with exercise again. Don't overdo it!

You could do one run from week 1, and if that's easy go on to one run from week 2 for your next run. You'll get moving through the programme quite quickly and you'll soon find the point where you need to start doing all the runs for the week.... W5 would be a good point to switch to all 3 runs from each week if your body hasn't prompted you to do so earlier.

Lots of people redo the programme from scratch. Just go for a 10 min run, see how it goes, then if ok extend each run by 2-5 min till you are back where you were. Seems to be the standard way to return to running from injury. Or redo the programme starting where you know you'll have an easy run and positive experience, then follow it from that point but you can skip some runs if you want to.

No I didn't go right back to the beginning. I'd just managed to reach 5k non stop when I caught a virus that really knocked me back. When I was well enough I started again at Week 6 and have slowly crept up to Week 9, my confidence has returned and now I will gradually increase my distance. At least you're giving it another shot - best of luck to you.

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