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Week 3 Done - Lessons Learned!

Much to my surprise I have now completed 3 weeks.

Still cant say I am overly enjoying the running bit (I am sure this will come) but certainly enjoying the sense of achievement.

Key lessons learned so far:

i) Don't look beyond the next run you are doing. Infact I haven't a clue what's involved in week 4 yet!

ii) Just Do It! Don't let fear of failure make you not even try!

iii) Trust the Programme - it has worked so far - so why not the remaining 6 weeks?

So what key lessons have you learnt from your C25K experience?

Good Luck to all the runners this weekend


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Great post!

I have learned that our bodies are amazingly adaptable- even in our late 50s & older. How wonderful to discover that I'm not past it!!😀


I completed W3 today. I think your right about not looking to far ahead of the programme as it could put some people off. I am surprised at myself for completing this week and I do believe I can complete the programme and run 5K. I think having faith in my self.


Just did Day 1 of week 2. I’ve decided not to listen ahead. Just take it in my stride as they come. Thanks for sharing with us @smithp24.

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Good advice! Just look at the next run. That's all you need to focus on.


Well done.

If you are not enjoying it, you may well be pushing too hard. You should be able to hold a clear ungasping conversation while you run, as pointed out in the guide to the plan healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

Pushing hard makes it a slog, taking it easy will be fun and still build you into a runner.

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Thanks - definitely not pushing too hard! Infact recovering very quickly in the walking bit so probably being very cautious.

Even at my fittest I don't think I was ever comfortable running for any length of time.

My aim though is to get through the 9 weeks - and will look at pushing a bit more then.

Thanks for the advice.

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Yup, like you I don't enjoy running one bit but I do enjoy feeling proud of myself once it's done. I'm in the middle of Week6 and one lesson I've learned is that there is no shame in repeating runs or even entire weeks when necessary. It's better for me to progress slowly than push to a point where I feel discouraged and dread my runs. Congrats on your progress, thus far, dear SmithP! xo

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thanks and good luck!

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