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W6 R2 in the cold and wet.

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With the weather forecast predicting rain and snow for the whole day it didn’t look like I was going to be able to get out to run today. However, mid way through the afternoon the rain eased off so it was straight on with the running shoes and out for w6r2.

My god that was hard going! The two 10 minute runs felt far harder than the 20 minute run of w5r3. I could feel a stitch coming on, not something I have experienced so far, so slowed it right down and got to the finish.

From now on it is longer runs with no walking. How do people find these remaining runs?

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Good stuff, well done 😎

Just finished Wk7 and also found those Wk6 runs hard. I find the continuous running better now even though it’s longer time ... ☺️

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Week 6 catches a lot of us out, ut you sid it, despite the cold and wet.

Well done for getting out there.

With the longer runs do as you did today keep it slow, slow, slow and keep running till you're told to stop! ... simples! You've run for 20mins so you know you've built up a lot of stamina already.

Good luck and happy running!

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SigeredGraduate in reply to Wizziewood

Sounds so simple when you put it like that!

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