W7R1 - cold, wet, slippy, muddy - brilliant!

Hello fellow C25K-ers, grads, friends, countrymen...

Today the torrential rain bid me a miserable welcome to week 7... But I'm thrilled to say it wasn't miserable at all! This run was ridiculous and definitely an experience, but wonderful... My absolute favourite of the whole programme so far!

Stepped out the front door, stepped straight back inside... What was I thinking? It was absolutely belting down out there! Contemplated 25 mins of running on the hot sweaty, (now boring, but distinctly dry) treadmill. Headed back outside - what's a bit of rain, I'm a 'real' runner now... Laura said so!

Thoroughly drenched by the time I reached the canal path, not a soul outside but me, off I went with my run. It was interesting, more of a mud and puddle slalom than a run and blimey it was so slippy! I swear the ducks weren't quacking but laughing as I squelched along in my very non-waterproof running shoes getting splattered in mud, thoroughly soaked, hair plastered to my red face and still singing away!

12.5 mins done, felt good, no niggles, just fun running in the ridiculous rain... and am sure done with a faster snail pace than normal due to the shock of the soaking and extra energy needed for the mud and pud hurdles!

Then, as I was trespassing over what can only be described as Shrek's bog, running but sinking at the same time, I slipped again and only just managed to stay upright that time. Back the other way quick before I gave myself a serious injury as well as a full mud bath, I finished up on the canal and was back on the streets still running for the last 5 minutes, still full of energy, a bit quicker still without the mud hazards AND with extra beans to spare for a super snail sprint finish... with an extra minute at the end, just for the fun!

Arrived home drenched, filthy, shattered, sweaty and... smiley :) Loved this run!

Good luck all with your next runs. Thanks for sticking with me on this long, silly post!

Nat x

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  • Sounds fabulous! I think you should sign up for Tough Murder 😁

    I did mine today and had technical dificulties! Accidentally switched my headphones off. App gave up the ghost, ended up listening g to some horrendous 18 minute long instrumental thing on my hubbys spotify playlist. 18 minutes! All in all I did not enjoy run 2 😠

    Then came home, typed up a long post about everything that went wrong and lost it πŸ˜‚ technology does not like me today!

    When are you out next? I'm doing Friday and Sunday but then hubby is working away for the forseeable so my runs are going to be limited to Friday's and Sundays for a long time. I'm worried about the effect it will have on my progress and gutted about the delay in graduation 😭

  • I may well do a tough murder... Before this programme my idea of hell, after today, up for it! :)

    Blimey, sounds like you had a really rough day with the tech, I looked for your post from today's run after I saw JaySee's, and couldn't find it... Was getting worried about you! You did brilliantly to keep going on that run with the troubles... Awful listening to instrumental for so long, really feel for you, I don't think I could do it without good music egging me on. Well done Kim! :) Hope the next one will be lots, lots better, fun and tech glitch free.

    I'll do Friday, Sunday, same as you. Gutted for you about the limited run time coming up, I really am - it's a pain when life gets in the way of your plans. But, you're going so strong on this programme and you're fast too, I can't see you having any problems with the gaps in your runs affecting your progress and fitness, it's just a little extra time and you'll still graduate soon.

    I'll be gobsmacked if I'm running 5k at graduation, due to my pace, and I won't feel like I've truly achieved it til I can run 5k, so I think really, we will finish at the same time as I'll need a couple more weeks to get the distance.

    Good luck Friday, sending fun run vibes your way ;) x

  • Flipping technology. Phone thinking it knows what I want to say more than I do! I meant Mudder obviously πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Thought murder was quite appropriate so kept it for myself Ha!

  • Ah, I sense another fellow trail runner in the making! Come to the muddy side.....☺and well done on getting out there!

  • Thank you! I'm converted, the more mud the better... It was hysterical! :)

  • Amazing...the only word!!!!

    Your post is incredible..I am there with you. Your description of your run..I am out of breath..laughing and running alongside you...those cheeky ducks.

    Glad Shrek type monsters did not get you in the swamp!!

    Wet...hot..soggy..It is brilliant isn't it?

    You have done so well..and any self doubt must have been washed away in the downpour...πŸ˜‰

    So thrilled for you..and loving that you love being out there too!

    Cannot wait for your next post!😊 x


  • Thanks Floss :) It really was fun, never in a million years did I think I'd describe a wet, muddy run as fun.... torture maybe, but never fun!

    I'm surprised by how quickly I've started to enjoy this... I'm convinced it's due to the switch to outside, you and your lovely posts and everyone on this forum with their encouraging words. Feel very different to the whingey whiny week 5er I was! Am sure not every run will be a good one, but runs like today will make up for the tough ones! :)

    Looking forward to your next epic tale :)

    Nat xxx

  • Ooh funny. Although really tough sounding.. made me laugh :) newbie me completed w1r3 toady in the pouring rain.. first few puddles dogdged.. then..the fun began.. just splashed through...was the least of my worries..with a niggly pain in a muscle well long forgotten.. so chuffed w1 completed..bring it on Laura :) oh yeah I also went face to face with an ungentelman who could have let me pass on the dry patch!! Next time I will step hard through the puddle :) with somewhat more enthusiasm :) happy rest day tommorow! X

  • Good on you, getting out there in the rain. The idea of a soaking is far worse than the actual soaking I reckon! Although W7, this was my first wet run... I was on treadmill up to week 6. Good puddle hopping on your account too, revenge will be sweet next time you're out in the rain... Let em have it! Good luck with the programme, keep it up, you're doing great :) x

  • Can just see you slipping and sliding all over the place with the rain pouring down. But as long as you don't get cold, running in the rain can be really exhilarating. I love it that you've discovered the great outdoors - it's so much more fun than a treadmill!

    I'm beaming all over my face that you and PumpKim are still on target and snapping at my heels. I don't think PumpKim will lose any fitness either, rest days can make you even faster.

    I'm going to try and push ahead on Thursday and Saturday. Maybe easing up towards the end just before graduation. I've got a stupid business trip in the last week which will throw me out of my rhythm. But if things work out I would like to run my graduation run on March 3. That's quite a symbolic day for me, my eldest boy's birthday - the day I became a mother and started neglecting my own needs. The start of the slippery path to obesity. But I'm not hung up on it too much - if life gets in the way then I can wait.

    And it's still 2 weeks away. OMG - only 2 weeks!

    Looking forward to you next posts!

  • Exhilarating! That's the word I was looking for, you're spot on there! :) Definitely enjoy it more now I'm outside. That failed first outdoor run was a real shocker turning point for me, I was worried I wasn't going to be able to run outside at all. Now I can, each one feels like a triumph!

    Lovely idea for you to grad on that special day, I hope it works out that way for you. Very symbolic indeed to mark the occasion with that run and give something back to yourself, you absolutely deserve that.

    I read that all this is a bit of a secret for you, that's just brilliant! Dont you ever feel like bursting and telling people after a run? Nice to have the forum to share your secrets with us, we're honoured! :) Feel for you with the business trip and for PumpKim with the restricted run time - but we will all get there, still reckon around the same time as life gets in the way for us. Most of the time I work from home, so am lucky to have a little more flexibility, but I do have to do 2-3 days away some weeks which also messes me up on the programme.

    Good luck for Thursday, it is weird to think we have no more intervals. Yikes, 2 weeks! :) x

  • What fun! Good for you. Who would have thought a run in the rain would give you such a buzz :) :) go you...

  • Thanks Jan, who would have thought it indeed! Hated rain, hated any form of exercise... How times have changed! ;) Enjoy your runs this week x

  • Thanks mine was a dry run today... (lol). I enjoyed it and ran for 35 mins.

    Sounds like you will enjoy trail running (or what we used to call cross country and bunk off at school). :) :)

  • A bit of a secret - it sounds weird like that. But I suppose it is that way. It's just that I started running/jogging about 12 years ago and was getting some good distances in. But then life got in the way and it sort of slipped away. I never really gave up completely though and every 6 months to a year or so I would try again - but I never got it back. In fact I got slower and had less stamina and it was just frustrating. I would often go for early walks though, for months at a time. So hubby is used to me going out pretty regularly first thing in the morning, and it's nothing unusual when I'm on my fitness trip to zip out at the weekend and do a quick walk without him either. That's why he hasn't really noticed anything. He's used to me coming back exhilarated.

    This C25k was an attempt to finally crack this running lark and really build running into my life by giving myself a structure. It is working and I'm loving it. But I know hubby will not really understand when I tell him - along the lines of "But you've always been jogging, what's the big deal". Just as he doesn't understand my passion for hiking and love of the mountains. He goes with me to humour me, but his heart isn't in it, he doesn't get that kick. Last summer I had a lot of holiday left and tried to take one day off a week to go hiking. I loved those days off. I planned my routes from one week to the next. I got so excited about my day trips. But he doesn't get it. Fun for him is meeting up with friends, chatting, cooking something delicious. I like that too, but I love walking through the Bavarian countryside, exploring new areas. And he doesn't .

    So that's really the only reason it's a "secret". He'd be mortified if he read this. But he'll find out when I graduate at the latest!

  • It makes perfect sense actually, good for you :) Its great to have something that makes you feel good, determined and proud - a goal and passion of your very own. Nobody else has to 'get it', but they'll enjoy the happy and invigorated lady you are because of it.

    Those hiking days sound lovely for you, I think as mums we often forget that time for ourselves is allowed, necessary and not a luxury. Great to have lots in common but also great to have something that makes you... Um you!

    What you're doing is definitely a big deal to you, and to us! :) xxx

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