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W2R1 completed / phase 2 started

W2R1 completed / phase 2 started

Hello fellow runners,

Just pop in to say that I've just completed W2R1 and officially started phase 2 (known also as week 2) of C25K. I implemented new tactic for running with my ebergetic dog. First we went for a long walk, we did 3.3 miles in 1 hour just before our run. We pop in to home to gear up, take endless treats for her, and of course hydrate. After approx 5-10min break we go out, did obly 2 min warm up walk and then started jog-run routine. This time she was behaving much better, and run nicely on most of the runs. My back didn't get any additional sudden pull moments. And now, I'm streching, while she is relaxing and regenerating energy ;)

In total, it was very nice run. I am happy that I postpone it feom yesterday allowing for more time.

Happy running!

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Oh that is good, Iga! And look at your lovely hound! 🐶 Gorgeous dog. Very glad you had a good run and found a way to run with the energetic pup. Now have a lovely restful afternoon - you have had a lot of exercise! x


Thank you :) I will enjoy the rest of Sunday twice as much :)


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