I finally started!! - W1R1 completed!

Hi guys/gals,

Well, I arrived back home yesterday evening and so I decided to finally start my C25K programme today as promised.

It took a little longer to actually get started as my little iPod shuffle that I had uploaded all the podcasts onto wasn't playing ball. It started off with Laura welcoming me to week 5, so I hit the back button and was welcomed to week 2! Another hit of the back button welcomed me to week 9! I did eventually find the correct one and soon had Laura welcoming me to the programme and week 1.

As I had a letter to post while I was out, I set off walking up towards my local post office. By the time I had the correct podcast playing, I had already done the 5 minute warm up walk, but I continued to listen to Laura and walked for another 5 minutes before finally upping my speed to a gentle jog when instructed...was I then glad Laura said, "You've completed your first run, you can go back to walking for 90 seconds!" :)

I guess I'm no different to anyone else in saying that after completing that first little run I was very thankful I could just walk again as I was already puffing! At that point I wasn't looking forward to hearing Laura say, "Ok, time for your next run!" But, inevitably that time arrived a lot sooner than I would've liked but I got on with it and did indeed 'jog on' again! :)

Apart from puffing a lot harder than I've done in many a year the only issue I had was during my 2nd running phase I was confronted with a very wide and long puddle at the entrance to a road underpass...with no way around it, I decided to just splash my way through and found it was actually deeper than I thought!! (It was only about 3 inches deep, but until I actually landed in it I thought it was only an inch or less!) As I continued jogging, I had visions of that episode of The Vicar Of Dibley!! lol

So, I kept up with Laura's instructions and finally completed the first run of the first week and will now have tomorrow off before doing it again for my 2nd run on Tuesday.


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8 Replies

  • Ha ha ! Oh I love this sketch, it makes me chuckle everytime ha ha :-D

    Well done Lee, youre off the mark, no going back now , you will be hooked , never to escape :-)

    Well done for today, did you do your cool down stretches ? Very important !

    Enjoy your rest day tomorrow and please keep posting so we can cheer you on along your way :-) xxx

  • Thanks poppy!

    Erm, no I didn't do any stretches afterwards. (That wasn't mentioned by Laura!)

    By the time I finished the 5 minute warm down walk at the end, I was entering my little cul-de-sac and really happy to grab a nice cool drink, but apart from that I felt fine. :)

  • Hi Lee

    They are here :


    Really well worth doing , just to stretch the muscles plus they will prove invaluable as you progress through the programme . I really notice the difference if I ever don't do them for some reason :-) xxx

  • Ah ok. Thanks for that poppy. I hadn't noticed them to be honest. I hope I feel ok in the morning! :) x

  • Congratulations on getting started - the hardest part! Hopefully before too long you will be addicted as most of the rest of us are. Remember that slow & then slower still gets you to the finishing line and use this fab forum for support and advice. Happy running :-)

  • Thank you! :)

  • Well done for getting started!

    Just watch out for those puddles - you never know what lurks beneath!

  • Thanks Ully, and will do! :)

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