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Wk 2 run 2 completed!! Fan b....y tastic!!

Well I have just completed wk 2 run 3 and I feel over the moon about it. I must say I did find t hard as yesterday ( supposed rest day) my lad wanted to go on a bike ride. We went out and I clocked it with Nike plus and to my surprise we did 8 miles. Only issue was that I knew it would hamper my run today. However I dug deep, controlled my breathing to the best of my ability and took my time. Yes I was tired, but I did it.

Will do another wk 2 on tuesday to allow my wife to catch up, she unfortunately had to miss our run on Friday evening, not to worry, we said we would do this together and that we shall. Spur each other on lol!!!!

Happy days!!

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You're allowed to cycle on rest days as it is non-impact :-)

Well done though !


cycling, walking or swimming are great rest day activities so I'm glad your son didn't have to miss out on his bike ride because of Dad's training! Having said that, I've had 6 grandchildren here this weekend all wanting swims, cycle rides (damn that Tour de france and Bradley Wiggins !) and anxious to walk the dogs! 28 minute run due tomorrow and it's going to take some serious effort to get through that! Well done to you and I'll keep your blog in mind tomorrow as I pant my way through! :)


well done Jimbob...good luck with run 3


Well done, Jimbob.


Great stuff. Keep it up Jimbob!


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