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Week 2 r 1 done at my pace

Did w 2 r 1 group run yesterday so very pleased with that. I resisted the urge to keep up with the quicker ones and settled in towards the back of the group and just kept going at my own slower but steady pace and was able to complete it all so chuffed to bits with that. My legs ache very much less than w 1 r 3 and I believe this is because I did the warm down really thoroughly and did the stretching exercises really thoroughly as well - s o will ensure I do warm down thoroughly in future as really helps reduce aches and pains

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Compromised pace is always the problem when running in a group. Doing your runs at your own pace is absolutely the right thing to do.

Have you read this guide to the training plan yet? healthunlocked.com/couchto5... it may help.


Thanks very much - have now read it through - very useful. Slow and steady it is then for me.


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