Couch to 5K

Week 1...done!

Completed my first week yesterday, was supposed to be up and running by 6.30am yesterday morning but heard the rain coming down hard on my window, turned over and went back to sleep... woke up very disappointed in myself and decided that no matter the weather at night i'd be going out - it was raining still but surprisingly it wasn't much of an issue and I enjoyed it.

Already at the end of week 1 I feel better than I did on the first run, so really looking forward to week 2. Need to get a decent pair of trainers though now i've decided to stick with it... anyone got any suggestions for me?

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wow well done on completing week 1, i have just completed run 1 ... and i am hoping to god it gets easier haha


Well done on completing wk 1 - so good to hear people doing it! I have w1r2 tonight and am nervous.....I "treated" myself (lol!) to a running cap to keep the rain out of my face - at the moment I'm determined not to be beaten by bad weather so hopefully that will help when the time comes. Good luck for w2 - keep us posted how it goes xx


For a decent pait of trainers you need to go to a sports shop that does gait analysis . It is really important to get the right trainers for YOUR feet and for the way you run.

Well done on such a positive week 1 :)


well done on completing week 1, just finished it tonight myself.


well done :)


Well done on completing week one! The thought of running in the rain really doesn't appeal to me, but I am determined to not have any excuses and just get on with a run regardless of the weather, so perhaps the sooner it happens the better!

Look forward to hearing how you get on with week 2 :)


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