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I got sick of waiting for my running partner to get up so I decided to go out alone. I really thought it would be extremely difficult but I enjoyed the alone time. At first I felt exposed but after the first run; I had missed being outside! Still jogging slowly but it means I can last so much longer. I was shocked when jo congratulated me at the end of the session as time had gone so quickly.

Thank you for all the hints and tips they have worked!

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Go for it!!

Have you read this guide to the plan healthunlocked.com/couchto5... it may be helpful.

Keep us posted.


It was helpful- answered many questions I have. I’m going to look into some of the suggested apps.

And I can relate to the feeling of being watched. I’m starting to feel less stressed generally which is strange yet comforting.

Thanks for the help!


Well done you! It is nice to have a mixture of solitary and social runs. I've benefited from both, and like you, sometimes my running buddy just hasn't been up for it. I do like going at my own pace, but another person running with you can spur you on a bit. You've started off on completely the right foot - not being put off by the prospect of going it alone. Keep at it!


I agree it’s so good having someone to chat to in between but sometimes like you have said, I must go alone!

Could have easily stayed in bed this morning.

Thanks for the inspiration!

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I can't ever see myself running with other people - except perhaps for an organised event: I treasure the solitude and opportunity to just be alone with my music and/or thoughts, enjoying the feeling of movement and the interaction with the environment. Perhaps I am just a miserable old loner but I was the same with cycling and hiking.

( My family would probably be nodding furiously at the 'miserable old loner' bit).


It’s whatever suits you and your lifestyle. I’m from one extreme to another really sometimes can no-stop talk other times I need complete silence. 👍


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