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Just did my first Park Run


I am very proud of the fact that I have completed my first Park Run in a time of 27.10. When I embarked on the C25K I was not a total couch potato, but I could not run for more than 5 minutes without being in considerable discomfort. I stuck to the programme rigorously, running every other day until I got the confidence and the muscles to set off on my own without Laura's reassurance in my ear. It's a great feeling and I'm very grateful to all those on this forum who have offered me encouragement. I am not sure whether I will try to go on to do longer distances - let's face it plodding around can be a bit dull - but I will definitely keep up doing 5k runs as I feel so much better and generally stronger. The only down side - I now have five pairs of trousers which are too big for me!



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27.10? and you are only around week 7?

That is terrific. Awesome job Adam.

Brilliant! thats super speedy! :)

misswobbleGraduate in reply to aliboo70

Super speedy Ad!!!!! Yeah long runs can be Dullsville but you can liven up the proceedings by picking a bit of scenery to run in and take your best tunes with you. Longer runs do improve your stamina and leg strength, plus lung power so don't discount em

Fast 1 k intervals x 3 are good and fast and will get you fitter, make your fabbo parkrun time quicker as well

Happy running!


wow that a quick time , well done :D


What a brilliant time for an inaugural parkrun! Congratulations.

Great stuff and a great time for your first Parkrun, I hope you enjoyed the experience, keep it up and happy running.


wow well done, after 2 years running I still haven't done a 5k in that time!!

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