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Just completed my first run

Hi All,

I have just completed my first run Week 1 (on treadmill due to appaling weather) I set the speeds at kmh for walk and 10Kmh for the run, but i fell way short of the expected 5 Km. Was this too slow, or is the first run designed to be of less than 5 Km ?


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I've just started too. I think 5K is what we're building up to! Not doing on the first run which is all about getting started moving and building stamina. Well done for starting. Let's keep at it!


Try not to focus on distance at this stage, but at being able to run (slowly at first) for the specified times.

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5k is the aim at the end of the programme so you will build gradually towards this. More accurately the programme takes you to 30 mins of non stop running - for many of us that is still short of 5k and leaves us something to aim for after graduation!

Take it gently with Laura and you will get there.


C25k makes each workout to be 30 to 40 minutes of exercise, with the walking intervals slowly diminishing and the running increasing, until you are running non stop for 30 minutes. Achieving 5k within your 30 minutes may or may not happen by the time you finish the programme. It is the thirty minutes continuous running that is your aim, regardless of speed. Good luck. It does work.


Ok, Thanks all for clarifying.


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