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Going back a week or two is OK

Hi All

I was going so well... I had just (only just!) completed week 6 and was told by my app that I was a RUNNER yay!!!! Then I got the dreaded lurgy and was unable to run over the holiday period.

Anyway, when I felt better I decided to be a sensible boy and go back to week 5 and start from there. The difference was amazing! The runs are so much easier this time around and I'm actually enjoying them. Instead of barely completing the runs I am finding that I'm able to sprint for the last minute. It's as if my body has 'caught up' with the C25K program.

So all you people who are thinking about giving up, maybe try repeating a week or two before you turn your back on us. You never know!

Good luck

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Your absolutely right. If the journey to becoming a runner is what's important the goal of the program can become an obstacle. If you want to be a runner you simply go out and run. So going back a bit is absolutely fine, and as you have found it has made you enjoy it more. If you enjoy something your chances of it becoming habit are massively improved.

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You are so right pinkaardvark.

Mind you.... I can't wait for the Graduate badge :)


Lucky you! I got a stinking chest cold and didn't run for 3 weeks. Started back doing 1 run each of wks 1,2 and 3. Today should have been an easy wk 4 (got to wk 8 before) but the cold is back, and I couldn't breathe after 3 minutes. Dunno what to do next


Oh that’s a shame. Hope you get better soon :)

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