Week Two Done

Like hundreds before me, the idea of running a whole 90 seconds seemed like the impossible. But, of course, it wasn't. I won't say it was easy, not the first time or three, but I did it. On day two, after the first of the six runs, I was gasping a bit. It was tough. I thought, "Were you going too fast?" I didn't think so, really. I then heard Oldfloss in my ear, "Slow, slow, slower." So on the next one, I went even slower, and I was fine.

For the rest of the time this week I concentrated on Laura's tips about breathing - breathe in for four steps, then out for four steps. I found that has started to have an amazing effect on lung capacity. It takes a lot of concentration, but it's really worth it. It feels amazing. And a great side-effect is that thinking about breathing takes your mind off the legs feeling heavy.

I'm really enjoying this. Come on week four!

I love reading all your posts. They're so inspirational. There are loads of people putting heart and soul into c25k, and it's wonderful to be a part of it.


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19 Replies

  • Freudian slip - I meant "Come on week three!"

  • Well done. From what I hear you are one of the few who have got the hang of the breathing technique. Most of us just give up on that, so it's good to know that's it's beneficial if you do manage to crack it.

  • I wouldn't say I've quite got the hang of it yet. It takes a lot of concentration.

    I think it must be pretty important - the breathing - to give plenty of oxygen to get into the bloodstream to feed those pounding muscles.

  • Breathing is definitely important 😂

  • How on earth do you manage to breath in to a count of four? I have to breath in to a count of two! I tried the four steps per breath and got into oxygen debt far too quickly!!

  • I suppose it's got to be something to do with lung capacity. I just continue breathing in for four steps and my lungs get fuller and fuller, far more than if I try to fill my lungs with just, say, one or two steps. But after continuing to do this now into week three, I can definitely breathe deeper than I could last week - the chest just expands more than it could. But it's still a work in progress. Toward the end of a running period (last week 90 secs, this week three mins) I find the rhythm starts to crumble as I'm being stretched. But I'm improving, as you would expect on the programme - last week 90 secs became a struggle, this week, for 90 seconds I can maintain the breathing rhythm much easier.

    I think if I just breathed "normally", with just short puffs in and out, I would get far more out of breath than I do with these deep breaths. I feel this disciplined breathing is working for me. As for the breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth, I'm less convinced. I don't know if there's any physiological reason, but I think when I breathe in through my nose it seems to fill the lungs differently than when I breathe in through the mouth. The former feels as if the lung fills lower down first, pushing on the diaphragm. But I don't know if I'm kidding myself about that.

    Sorry to go on. I tend to get very analytical. I'm sure many would say I'm overthinking it. It comes from a former life analysing processes for a living.

  • Fantastic... well done you... the important thing is, particularly, as the runs get longer, is to find your comfortable pace. Where you do, as you progress, just know, you could go on running...always having a little bit left in the tank!

    Onward and upward and take it steady... breathe and relax into the runs... :)

    " If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.


    You are proving that... !

  • Thanks, Oldfloss and everyone for all the great advice and encouragement that you so freely give. I take it all onboard.

    Yes, I'm completely astounded at what I have been able to do so far, and what I'll soon be able to do, thanks to c25k. I'm also astounded at how it has become such a big and important part of my life so quickly.

  • Slow, slow and slower always gets you there. So glad it was a Freudian slip and you weren't deciding to skip every other week.... interesting you can work on the breathing so early on, I never sussed that out at all. Good luck for the nice and slow W3

  • Thanks, Jancanrun. At least my Freudian slip didn't say "week nine!":)

  • Wow! You can run, count and breathe all at the same time.........that was one multitasking challenge too many for my feeble brain.

    Congratulations, you will go far!!

  • Yes, I'll have to tell my wife that I can do that. She thinks only women can multitask.

  • Well done am due to start week two tomorrow, so it's good to hear some positive news 😉

  • Good luck! If I can do it ...

  • I'm due to start Week 2 today. So interesting to read others' experience

  • Good luck with week two. Just remember that each week prepares you for the next. Do the work and take the rest days and you'll be fine.

    When you've completed week two, see my post about completing week three here: healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

  • Well done Late-starter you are doing brilliantly 😊...

    There are more running tips on the pinned posts below 'nhs how to run correctly and stretch' although you seem to be doing just fine.

    Gotta love a bit of Laura...

    Good luck with W3 onwards and upwards. ..

  • Thanks, Jan-now-runs. I'll take a look at those tips.

    I think Laura's podcasts are brilliant. Couldn't do it without Laura. She doesn't know it yet, but we're going to be together long after week 9 is history.

    Yep, onwards and upwards.

  • She still comes out with me too.😊(c25k +)

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