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Re-doing a week

Hello I'm new to this forum (only discovered it today and I'm loving it) but I'm on week four run two, needing to do my third run this afternoon. I was just wondering if it was ok to do a few more runs on week four to build up my stamina and make sure I'm absolutely ready for week five. I can complete the week four runs but struggle towards the ends of the five minute runs so can I add a few or just suck it up and move onto week five?!?!

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Hi & welcome to this forum, it is really good for advice and motivation, so you have come to the right place. Well done on starting and getting to the end of W4. It is fine to repeat weeks if you feel you need to, but why not give W5 a go? We have all worried at different times about moving on, but the programme does prepare you for it. You may surprise yourself. Just repeat runs that you can't do, not those you can. Good luck x


Welcome to the forum - you will find this is really helpful for support. I found the programme worked if I took each run as it came and it amazed me how it got me running longer and longer each week . Some people do repeat weeks before moving on so you will know whether this is something you want to do depending on how you feel. It is natural to be tired towards the end of a run but the programme is designed to build stamina as you progress through it. If you can complete the week four runs you should be fine with moving on but equally fine if you decide to stay on week four for a bit. Do remember to take the rest days and not try to push yourself too much.

Good luck and keep coming back to the forum

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I think it's perfectly ok to repeat weeks but as someone who's also approaching week 5 (I've just got the last run from week 4 to do tomorrow) I don't think that W5R1 looks too much harder than W4R3. I reckon give it a go! I'm sure you'll be able to do it if you've got this far! Good luck!


Hi and welcome. The programme gives us a structure but it is flexible. No problem with repeating runs or weeks, but worth giving week 5 a try - you might surprise yourself.

Take it at your own pace and you will get there. It's not a race and there is no time limit to graduating.

Well done for reaching this stage.


No harm in repeating runs but why not give week 5 a go? If you find it too much you can always take a step back but you won't know if you can do it unless you try and you might just surprise yourself. Well done on getting this far and good luck with the rest of the plan :)


I completely understand how you feel as I am at the same stage. Last run of week 4 was difficult and I have contemplated redoing a few of the runs but will give week 5, run 1 a go.

As others have said the programme is designed to test but also is structured so that you are ready to move up when you complete your previous week.

Give week 5 a try and I hope to see your post telling us of your success.


Thank you for your comments :) i just completed my W4R3 and it was much better than I thought it would be so I'm gonna suck it up and carry on to Week five :D And yeah after looking at the week five set up, it doesn't really look much harder than the week four lot. Thank you all again, I'm glad I found this forum :)


Welcome to the forum. You will not go short of encouragement and support here. Well done on completing week 4. If you found the third run of the week okay then you are ready to move on to week 5. It's an interesting week because there are three different runs so enough to keep you on your toes. Just take each run as it comes and you will be fine. Good luck with the start of week 5 and best wishes.

Reply mum did each week twice and that worked for her...good luck!!


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