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Bye bye laura

I have said before that i'm not sure I love running.. but tonight I really felt like I just might.

I set out on week 1 of ju-ju's magic 10 bridge. I have already done 5k on tuesday so technically this was run 2 and I went for the longer 5.5k run.

Decided to change to a new route as I have previously struggled to make changes to things I know work I had a degree of trepidation, but it turned out great. Was a lovely run out past a windmill and around an rspb nature reserve and home along cambridges guided busway(a victim of the beeching cuts).

Experienced another first in that my bluetooth headphones crapped out after 10 mins so had a first run in a long time simply listening to the rhythm of my breathing, which after a few minutes I totally became used to and started to wonder why I bother with music at all.

Slowed my pace right down to ensure I had enough tiger in the tank left to do the new distance and hence felt really relaxed and tackled the 5.5k with what felt like a comfortable lope, as I checked my watch for the 5.5k mark I saw I only had a couple of mins to 40mins so went the bit extra to round it all off.

I love that I can come here and share my triumphs.. I abhore people that post their 30mins of jazzercise/spinmatango/boxermahoop on facebook with an assumption that people should care.. but it feels right to share on here. Thankyou all.

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Well done you great post great achievement 👍🏃‍♀️


Well done, sounds like a brilliant run 👏


Great job pinkaardvark, and great that you found a relaxed rythmn to help you go the distance... A recovery run next..

We totally ' get it' on here...share away😆xx

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Yes i think i'm going to do a nice gentle park run tomorrow to end the week.


Fabulous run, sounds a lovely route too!


Great run done, sometimes the route makes all the difference. Well done on getting out on what is described as the exercise give up day - the most common day for us all to give up those January resolutions apparently.

So you have broken that day well and truly


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