Little Laura Hiccup!

I went out this morning for wk 8 run 2. As you may know, this is 5 min walk, 28 min run, 5 min walk. Only when the run had finished I looked at my watch and I'd done 36 mins?!? So in total I'd run 31 mins. At first I thought Laura might have tricked me but I think I accidentally rewound Laura when I was approaching a road I tried to use the controller on my headset to turn down the music.

At least I can go into week 9 with the confidence that I can run for 30 mins continuously. Yay go me.

6 Replies

  • Laura does play mind games with us, this time she was very clever indeed!!

  • Enjoy week 9, graduation awaits! Think most of us have suffered technological issues at some point! ;-)

  • Well done, Leanne. You're all set to enjoy the final week.

  • we all have had tech issues at some point, well done though .. graduation awaits :D

  • Thanks guys. Can't wait for graduation.

  • Ha ha,, lucky you didn't wind it back further! Well done! x

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