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Week 2 run’s a bit blowey

Just completed week2run1...decided to cheekily run it on the local “park run “ course to “see how I would do”...( my goal is to take part in one this year) it’s literally on my doorstep...

Terrible , I think , was the official time clocked...😂

I’m thinking of just doing one soon so I can set a really bad time , like an hour and a half...then hopefully every week “I’ll smash out a PB!...” ( I speak runner now😉)

I’ll just have to walk/run it in bits, can’t run more than 90 seconds without stopping at the moment..Just have to gird my loins for the moment of inivavtible humiliation when the 92 year old man with a knee brace laps me without breaking sweat , grinning and waving at me 🤦🏻‍♂️

Hey ho...gotta have goals 👍🏻

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I like your idea of setting a terrible PB - and then smash it every week. Might try that! :-)


Well done.

If you are going to join in parkrun we strongly recommend that you stick the intervals of whichever week of the programme you are on. It is very easy to get carried away and overdo it when running with others.

The other thing to remember is that you can register your club as NHS C25K when you sign up for parkrun.

Enjoy your running.

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Oh wow, didn’t know about the club registration as c25k, I’m definetly doing that , cheers

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