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In pain! Week 2 Run 1

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Hi everyone, just completed my week 2 run 1 and I'm in agony. The runs were difficult for me today, and although I've completed it I can barely walk and have an awful pain in the knee. I really don't think this is for me I'm feeling very cross and upset with myself.

21 Replies
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Don't get upset , ice your knee hold a bag of peas on it & elevate . Take some ibrufen or rub on the gel . It's because your body isn't used to running are you wearing decent trainers ? If you get into running & it's for you have a gait checked at a running shop & invest in some to suit you . I was like that when I first started , if it keeps hurting or any swelling go get checked out at the docs . Have a few rest days & see how you go .

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Hi thanks for the reply, I have trainers but dont think they are running ones I am hoping to get some running ones in two weeks time. I have ice packed my knee and taken some meds.

Sorry that your run today didn't work out as planned. I notice that on your previous post you said that you had completed week one and were feeling good but a bit further down that same thread you mentioned not being as achey as you were and were going to look into strength and flex. Did you start any strength and flex exercises, if so, how did you get on? Were you achey or stiff when you went out on today's run? Were you going any faster than usual? All these things can play a part in a bad run. I usually leave an extra rest day between finishing one week and starting the next - I find this works well for me. It is okay to take extra rest days, especially if you do have any aches or pains that you are not sure about. The other thing to consider is shoes - do you have running shoes and did you have gait analysis? Something else to think about. For now, you need to use rest, ice, compression and elevation. It the pain doesn't go away within a couple of days then maybe best to get it checked out by your GP. I hope you are better soon. Good luck and best wishes.

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Thank you for the reply. Tonight felt tough from start to finish but I did complete it. I didnt look at the strength and flex - more fool me. I think I really need to strengthen my muscles my legs feel weak on the warm up walk. I didnt feel achy and stiff today but did yesterday. I have a normal gait and im hoping to get running shoes in two weeks.

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You're planning to do the right things so I'm sure it will all sort itself out soon. Good luck and best wishes.

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Thank you. No pain today just a bit achy.

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Well done on starting week 2. When you start using new muscles there will always be some soreness and stiffness. It could be that you need to take a couple more rest days just to let everything settle down. I would also recommend some gentle stretches.

For the immediate I would suggest some anti inflammatory meds either oral or even better if you can take it something voltarol gel (which contains a NSAID - non steroid inflammatory drug so make you check the packet) on your knee and rest for a couple of day and see how you go. If no improvement or gets worse then maybe a trip to your doctors just to make sure everything is ok.

I actually run with very bad knees but this is because I have had physio and know that I can do it because I know whats mechanically wrong with my knees and can use sports strapping to correct it. But as the weeks have progressed I am needing to tape less and less as all the muscles are getting stronger, so honestly it can get better

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Thank you for the reply I'm not sure if I pulled something but I was in agony. I have done some gentle stretches, ice pack and medication I will buy some gel. I just feel a bit fed up as week 1 went really well. Maybe 60 seconds is my limit lol

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hi! don´t feel bad, just a bad day. Maybe going slowlyyyyy and strertching after the runs?

Best wishes, recover soon!

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Emma133 in reply to anadelsur

Thank you anadelsur just a bit gutted!

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Dont be gutted, I ran last Sunday and felt exactly the same, rested up for 4 days, went out today, no better so I walked. Came home took pain killers and ibuprofen, bought some leg support thingys, did the stretch and fles and ready to try again, Lots of people have offered advice, almost all said weeks 2 - 4 was where the pain kicked in but also that it did eventually go as you got stronger. , So off to try again in am, if still not right will go for gait analysis , def not giving up and nor must you

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Emma133 in reply to grannyjudes

Thank you I'm feeling a little more positive now the pain is under control. It was a hard run but I managed it so fingers crossed I can strengthen my legs.

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Thank you, I dont think im going so unfit my body is having a major protest lol

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Well done on completing week 1 and going on to week 2! The pain you are experiencing is probably normal. I posted the same and just like you I also wondered if running was for me and got a bit upset as I really wanted to complete the plan and not give in and give up! I am so glad I didn't. My next run is my graduation run!! It's gone so fast.

Some runs were trials and I dragged myself through them. Others I just loved. Not every run is wonderful but I am still glad I have done it.

I remember that stiffness, soreness, ache in my knees. It was so bad I yelped when I moved in my sleep! Here's what I did:

I got a couple of knee support bandages from Wilkinsons. They were the cheapest I found anywhere ... about a quid each and just as good as the most popular brand at 9 quid each! I wore them all that day. I took them off in the evening for a relaxing soak in the bath. I massaged my calves and thighs. Before bed I put the bandages back on and wore them to bed.

I took a couple of days off running and kept my legs elevated as much as possible. I wore my knee bandages most of the time but did take them off for a breather. My knees started to return to normal and I no longer needed them but as a precaution, I wore them to run in a few times but found my body adjusted to the impact and I didn't need them in week 4/5.

Sometimes after a long run I can feel it the rest of that day but it's fine the next day. My body I adjusting to longer runs.

Stretch after every run as this helps enormously. This is now something that is part of my running routine. If I forget (I did on run 1 week 9) I can surely feel it!

Icing will help to take reduce swelling. Ibuprofen will kill the pain and helps with inflammation too.

Remember the pain is in all likelihood a temporary thing as your body is not use to running. It will pass as you progress. You will get stronger and fitter. And you can always do the strength and flex.

Best wishes xxx

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Emma133 in reply to kickibro

Thank you so much, this has helped me a lot. I will definitely be looking at the bandages and giving them a go. What you have described is definitely me, when I get into bed and move I yelp also after a run. I'm going to have a day or two rest and see how I go.

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\i got my knee support thingys in pound stretcher.............. £1 !!

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I had some bad pains when I first started - in fact am aching tonight because I pushed myself a little bit more today. I do take extra rest days when I need to and did that a lot when I first started. Meant I was slower to complete the programme but that didnt matter in the end. Don't give up - it does get better! Good luck!

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Erm.. I think she’s alright by now. You’ve ended up answering a 4 year old thread. ;)

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On my feed it appeared as a new post. Will check the replies before I answer an old post. Thanks!!!! I did have a laugh at myself for doing that😂😂😂😂😂

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I am so sorry to hear that I hope it gets better! Keep going and try week 1 again don’t feel pushed do whatever is best for your body.

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