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Week 2 Run 1... in the fields!!

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Decided to bite the bullet and go running outside for the first time ever having only ever run on a treadmill. Must say I rather enjoyed it! Helped by the fact that’s it’s a lovely sunny day and I didn’t see anyone in the fields!!

Still felt massively self conscious but I guess that’s probably normal when you start doing something like this?!

Happy running everyone xx

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Ashleev profile image

The self consciousness will slowly fade - I think we all still have moments though.

Well done for getting outdoors - it’s a very different running experience. I’ve always had knee troubles, so bad only ever run very short periods (2-3 minutes) on a treadmill with shock absorbers mixed in with walking. I’ve found this programme to be great. I’ve had the occasional tenderness after a run, but nothing that lingered or caused any genuine concern. I was utterly surprised at that!

Once you’re running a bit longer, it’s well worth having gait analysis at a specialist running shop - I’ll do anything to reduce my risk of injury at this point!!

Well done for every run you’ve achieved so far!

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Thank you and thanks for the advice, I would never have thought about going to a running specialist but it makes sense :-)

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Welcome to the great outdoors! Glad you enjoyed your run and well done 😀👍

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Thank you x

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I run outdoors because I’d be too embarrassed in the gym! I’ve reached an age when I am impervious our to what others think, headphones on eyes straight ahead I’m in my own world. Hope you continue your field runs

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Yes strange really cos usually I don’t really care what I look like in front of strangers, I think it’s cos I’m new to running probably and think everyone can see I’m some sort of amateur imposter (a ridiculous thought I know). But definitely more field runs in the future :-)

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Outside running is the best. Even better when its really really early in the morning. There is just so much to look at and see that takes your mind off the run rather than seeing that little clock in front of you on teh treadmill.

And dont worry if people see you. Be proud. You are out there doing exercise which is more than they are probably doing.

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Yes you’re right it was better than clock watching!! Thanks for the encouragement x

Running out doors cannot be beat. Don't worry about what others think, they don't know, you are maybe just coming to the end of a 20 miler... The runners will think 'well done' and the non runners 'I wish I could do that' :)

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Thanks!! :-)

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Yeay!!! It is brilliant.. well done you..out there and doing it!!

Self conscious...no! You are awesome!

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Thank you!!

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It doesn't seem to bother me anymore. We are invisible haha

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