Week 7 run 1 - could I have taken it a bit faster?

Feeling fine but a bit non-plussed. My joints and muscles were stiff still, even after 3 days rest. I did some stretching and it was fine - slow and steady and I wasn't tired out. But maybe I am not pushing myself enough and need to run a weeny bit faster next time. Its good to run and not gasp for breath but also I am used to feeling fairly knackered at the end but felt pretty okay. So why I am complaining you may ask. I'm still here and intend to finish the course. I've gone from feeling I couldn't run 25 minutes to doing it twice now. So I should be grateful and just get on with it. I think I am just used to making a big effort. Maybe the next one might be more of a challenge.I hope I don't regret saying this!


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20 Replies

  • It's fab that you can run for 25 mins that's the beauty of this program and the way it builds you up from nothing and increases your strength and stamina by stealth. Only you know whether you could have gone or could go a bit faster, do what you feel comfortable with. Good luck.

  • Thanks. I'm letting my natural impatience keep me dissatisfied so I will be more grateful I'll give it a tiny bit more umph next run.

  • I've just completed run 2 of week 7 and feel exactly the same! Maybe our bodies are starting to adjust to this running lark and it's telling us we could stretch ourselves a little. It's ridiculous to think 7 weeks ago I could barely run for 60 seconds and now running for 25 minutes without gasping for breath! I'm so chuffed! Good luck for the rest of the program!

  • I think you are right and it is a big change over a few weeks which are we are maybe getting blase about. Good luck with the last few weeks too.

  • You probably could go a little faster but, personally, I would focus on completing the runs, worry about pace and distance later.

  • Yes I will try and do that as completing is really the main goal however fast or slow. Thanks

  • Do not push...:)

    just enjoy the longer runs...the time for speed comes after Graduation... when your muscles and stamina and strength are continuing to build up. Just relax and take the lovely runs slow and steady :)

    Well done you anyway! :) Best to have something in reserve... :)

  • Thanks. I need to remember Week 1 and get a perspective on it. Mustn't sprint before I can run!

  • Absolutely no sprinting 😯...

    Listen to Oldfloss...do not push..

    You are feeling the difference now of being able to run the required amount without a walk break. Trust that the plan is set just right... no need to start running faster, nice and steady. Your breathing is regulating now and your legs know what to do, it feels easier...BUT you need to carry on running just as you have been doing while everything strenghens. You don't want to risk an injury at this stage.

    Go you - at your comfy pace all the way to graduation😊x

  • Thanks I am feeling the benefits today and almost feel I could run again today despite a bit of stiffness. But I won't be. Days of rest are so important. Yes it feels like the breathing is much easier.

  • Good work Downtwo.😊

    You could try doing toe lifts and heel drops on a stair or step. I find that helps my calves and ankles.

    Stand on the stair facing up with your heels half off , then go up onto your toes, hold for a count of 5, then back to level. Then gently lower your heels off the step a little. Hold for count of 5 then back to level. Repeat a few times. This exercise can also be done one leg at a time with the 'spare' leg off the ground.

    Always do your stretching after your run and your warm down walk while your muscles are still warm.😊x

  • Thanks Jan. I have just seen your post. I used to do that one as recommended by a physio for a bad left ankle. It is quite a strong one and haven't done it for a bit but might give it another go. I have to stretch a bit before and after I run else I couldn't keep it up. I do extra stretching separately as it can be too much for my muscles and joints, if I overdo it especially after the run. I might put something out! But I don't know how anyone can run and not stretch. It can only lead to injury especially after a certain age. Cheers xx

  • I wouldn't push it as it's hard to judge how much faster will be OK over 25 minutes. But if you have it in you it's lovely to sprint the last little bit.

  • Oh yes! SCB1...I had forgotten that Laura tells us that...

    Yes, save the little sprint to the end.. (I never used to have anything left😆)

  • Nor did I because I always started too fast.

  • I must say my sprinting at the end is not fast. Its not even a sprint but just picked up the pace a tiny bit to see what was in there. I am glad I posted this dilemma as its clear that I need to keep the pacing going and not try to get beyond my current capability. Thanks.

  • As a new runner you don't need to push yourself. An experienced runner should only push themselves for 25% of their running time, but they have greater stamina and strength.

    Of course you can do a sprint finish, but the physiology is better developed at an easy pace.

    Just enjoy it don't turn it into a slog.

  • Useful information about the 25 %. That would be useful for a lot of people who push themselves too hard even though they are experienced runners. I used to find running a bit of a slog but it is getting better on that score. Thanks again for the advice.

  • If you are suffering from stiffness then make sure you stretch daily, or better still twice a day. Get a foam roller too if you can, as this will help also. Drink plenty too; everyday, not just run days.

    As others have said not every run has got to be at your limit. In fact there is a great deal of research to show that slower running has great benefits: mensrunninguk.co.uk/top-fea...

  • Thanks for the tips. Stretching is so important I agree and is something I have to remind myself to do more of. I couldn't do the running without it as I would get injured. I have been suffering from stiffness and pain for many years and it restricts my activities, as I have arthritis, which has only been confirmed recently. To be honest I know I am never going to be like I was as a youngster before all this musculo-skeletal stuff started in my twenties. I think overall the running is helping me and I just have to pace myself accordingly. In fact I am dead pleased to see that not only myself but other older folk with ailments are completing this course so feeling hopeful there.

    I could do with drinking more water sometimes. And the foam roller sounds good. I 'll check it out. It is easy to let slide all the other things that we all need to do to keep up bodies together. The article you posted is fascinating. I didn't know any of that. Perhaps it should be prescribed reading for all 0-5kers. I've just recommended it to my husband.

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